What Are The Effects Of Identity Theft?

Where identity theft has been committed, the criminal can use the personal information that they have gained for many purposes.

This generally involves fraud and other criminal activity.

If they are using the victim’s credit card, and have other personal information to hand, then they could change the postal address associated with the account in order to prevent the victim receiving statements.

This would allow them to continue the identity fraud on for quite some time without being detected.

With your identity they could even have a new credit or debit card issued and sent to an address of their choosing, complete with their very own PIN number.

They could even open up new bank accounts and apply for personal loans.

As all this is done in the victim’s name, all debts and future debt collection activity is recorded against them.

In extreme cases there have even been identity fraudsters who have run up so much debt in an assumed name that they have cause bankruptcy proceedings to be filed against the victim.

Worse, some identity thieves have even applied for bankruptcy in their victim’s name themselves in order to buy themselves some time whilst they relocate and acquire someone else’s details.

Going beyond this, identity thieves can apply for passports and driving licences.

This can lead onto far more serious crimes.

When arrested, they give their victim’s name and address, leading to them being arrested when the criminal fails to appear for court appearances.

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