What Are The Different Types Of Encryption Algorithms That I Can Use?

Security for most people is an afterthought.

While they will talk a good game about how important it is, they will not follow through on their rhetoric.

And I am not just talking about individual people; I am talking about businesses, professionals and other people who should know better.

They will fire up the internet and go against the same rules that they tell other people to follow.

Do you know why they do this?

It is because security makes you take an extra step than what you would normally do.

This extra step may not be hard but it can be a pain to deal with.

This is especially true if it is something that you have to deal with all of the time.

But it must be done because it only takes one time for the bad guy to be able to get the information that he is looking for from you.

It is very important that you make sure that you follow your security habits each time you interact with the computer but that leads to another question – which security habits are the ones that you need to be concerned about?

Well, you have probably heard about scanning your computer for bugs and malware.

You use software such as an antivirus program and pop up scanner to deal with these problems.

But what type of technology do you use to surf the internet securely?

You will really need to worry about protection like this when you are away from home using your computer.

Well, the number one way you can secure yourself on the computer from the bad guys is through the use of encryption technology and that is what I am going to be talking about in this article.

What encryption is, how does it work, and what types do you have?

what types of encryption technology can I use?

what types of encryption technology can I use?

What Is Encryption Technology?

Encryption technology is something that allows us to surf the internet with relative security.

While it can be broken, it rarely is.

To describe encryption and the software that runs it is a little bit hard.

To try and put it in simplest terms, encryption is the scrambling of data so that you can transport it safely.

If someone was able to get their hands on the data that you are transporting, they would not be able to read it.

To them, the data would be scrambled and they would need a key to be able to get to it.

The encryption that someone writes on a piece of paper is the same basic way that the encryption software on your computer works.

Let’s give a little example of how encryption works –

Say you have the word “Bobby”. Now you need to be able to send someone else that word on a piece of paper safely. No one else should be able to figure out what you sent. So instead of writing the word “Bobby” on the paper, you write 45hd3w. Now the person that you are sending the letter to knows what those numbers and letters mean. Since they know that in the code, 4 is actually a B, they are able to determine that the first letter is a B. And they are able to translate the rest of the message in a similar manner.

So now that you have some good ideas on how encryption works, let’s see what kind of encryption technology is out there for you to use.

What Encryption Technology Can I Use?

The first thing that you should know before I start listing encryption technology is that there is a good chance that you already use it.

When you log into your online bank account, when you see the “https” sign in your browser, that is an encryption technology that you are using.

There are several more examples that I can list that you use every day on the internet but for now I am just talking about the algorithms of the encryption.

There are many different types of encryption algorithms that you can use out there and mostly anyone that you choose will be good enough for your needs.

One of the most popular algorithms is the NSA standard – it is government grade and known to be very secure.

Another algorithm is the Blowfish algorithm.

One more that I will point out that is very good is the RSA algorithm which is the algorithm that you will use the most when you are shopping online.

There are also standards that you might see or hear about when you are discussing algorithms for encryption.

There is the AES and the TKIP standards – you will see these a lot when you have a wireless router and you need to choose an encryption type for your card.

There are several different types of encryption algorithms that you can use and you shouldn’t have to worry about which one you use because they are secured for the most part.

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    A good example of encryption software, as mentioned by @iamleeg, would be ROT26.


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