What Are The 3 Potentially Most Vulnerable Applications That Come With Windows 7?

When a company such as Microsoft ships a huge piece of software like Windows 7 there will likely be some missteps along the way.

Thats not surprising really when you consider that the development team has had to deal with millions of lines of code.

Someone along the line may have messed up and created something that can be exploited by outside forces, hence the reason why Microsoft regularly issues security updates and patches.

There are many mistakes that could be made, such as a design flaw in the software or a smaller one like not nulling your pointers.

More likely still, hackers will simply develop new tools and techniques to exploit code that seemed secure at the time it was written.

If there is a flaw somewhere in Windows 7 then someone can use it as a hole to get deeper into the system.

Sometimes there is no known hole in the application but the way that you use the program can bring problems.

windows 7 security

windows 7 security

This is the case with several applications that come with Windows 7.

Internet Explorer

The first application that can be vulnerable is of course Internet Explorer.

Thats not to say that other browsers are not secure – they aren’t – but Internet Explorer is the one that most Windows 7 users will likely end up using.

All browsers have the potential to open up huge security gaps on your system.

They can cause the hole by mainly acting as a delivery system but not as the thing that is exploited itself.

There are probably some hackers that have the ability to take down the Browser itself but why would they do that?

The browser is the delivery system that will get all of their nasty goodies on the unsuspecting user’s machine.

Why would they close that gateway if they do not have to?

Windows Explorer

Another application that can cause you to have security problems on Windows 7 is your explorer window.

Your explorer window is where you see all of the files and drives that are on your computer.

This is a vulnerable application because, like Internet Explorer, it can host infected files and you would never know until you ran an antivirus scanner over the top of them.

The application gives you no indication that anything is wrong with the file, it just basically asks if you want to execute the file or not.

Once it has executed then it could be on the way to hurting your computer.

Before clicking on any new files that you didn’t create, make sure that you run an antivirus scan over them.

The explorer window itself will not protect you from these dangers.

Windows Media Player

The last application that can cause you a security problem is your Windows Media Player.

Especially in playing .wmv files.

Wmv files can be embedded with other data.

There have been many attacks executed by having dangerous software embedded inside of wmv files.

They are not the only files that will get you in trouble.

Downloading illegal MP3’s or Avi files can also cause your computer to become exploited.

This is not the fault of Media Player but it is something that you must watch out for nonetheless.

These applications can introduce vulnerabilities in your Windows system either by accident or by sloppy coding.

Either way you should be careful when using any of these products, especially the explorer window.

Having said that, I hope I have made the point that the biggest security threat to a Windows 7 user is, in fact, the person using Windows 7.

Yep, thats right, YOU are the biggest security threat.

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