What Are The 3 Key Signs That Tell Me My Computer Has A Virus?

Like everyone else, you probably want to know if you have a virus running in the background that you don’t know about. Unless you have a professional antivirus program installed then you can never be certain, but there are some signs that may indicate whether your computer has an infection –


Your PC is running slowly

When using your computer does it seem to be slower than you remember? Does it seem sluggish when performing even the simplest of tasks? If so, you might have something running in the background that you neither need nor want. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete and go into Task Manager where you can check your memory usage – if your computer is otherwise idle then the memory usage should be quite low. If it isn’t then that may be a sign that your system has become infected with a virus.

You receive pop up alerts that won’t go away

This is a very strong sign that you have a virus. You receive pop ups, often saying that you are infected and need to buy an antivirus program (see “scareware“), whenever you surf the web. By the time you realise that this is the effect of an infection you already have the damage has been done. Such malware will often prevent you from visiting the web sites of the well known security vendors and can be a real pain to remove.

Your computer settings have mysteriously changed

You switch your computer on and start to use your PC for some simple tasks yet something is different. Some of your basic settings have changed but no-one who uses the computer can tell you how that happened. Your web browser loads the internet but takes you somewhere other than your home page. If this sounds familiar then you probably have a virus. Do not click on any new icons that appear on your desktop and do not click on anything on that strange new home page you have on the web.

Today, most people blame any computer problem on a virus and, sadly, that is often the case. You can protect yourself though, by buying one of the top rated antivirus programs.

Stay safe.


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