Welcome To Kali Linux aka Backtrack 6 [Updated – Official Release Now Available]

Not such ‘new’ news this but rather something both interesting and important that I missed last week – the announcement of the upcoming Kali Linux.


For those of you who don’t already know, Kali Linux is actually the name for the forthcoming Backtrack version 6 and I wonder if the name has come from the Hindu Goddess Kali / Kalika who stands for either empowerment or anger depending upon your own interpretation.

Below you can see the Backtrack Reborn – Kali Linux trailer:

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Originally, BackTrack Linux was developed for our personal use but over the past several years, it has grown in popularity far greater than we ever imagined. We still develop BackTrack for ourselves because we use it every day. However, with growth and a huge user base, we have an obligation to ourselves, our users, and the open source community to create the best distribution we possibly can.

There is no news as of yet as to when we can expect to see and get our hands on this new version of Backtrack but I’m sure it will be well anticipated when it does finally arrive.

In the meantime you can likely keep up with developments over at Offensive Security (www.offensive-security.com).

Update 13/3/13

Kali Linux has now been officially released –

“After a year of silent development, Offensive Security is proud to announce the release and public availability of “Kali Linux“, the most advanced, robust, and stable penetration testing distribution to date.”
Offensive Security

– and can be found at:


So what are you waiting for?

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