Web Security And HTML 5

The topic of web security is always on peoples mind. While it is a serious problem people seem to make it more like the bogey man and less like the solvable problem that it is. You do not need to worry about a mystical hacker coming at you if you follow a few simple rules that you have probably seen over and over again while surfing the web. Some of the rules include making sure that you have a good, hard to guess password. Another one of the rules is to make sure that you are careful when you are clicking on links. And there are several others that you have probably heard in the past.

But there are a new set of concerns that have been rearing its ugly head about the open web and other problems that someone might have. And this problem is how the web is changing with the new addition of HTML5 and CSS3. These are new web technologies that are trying to make the web more like desktop usage. And if everything goes according to plan, you will use less desktop software in the future and more of the web version.

Web Security And HTML 5

The problems with the new web

There are several problems with the new web but none more than the almost necessary requirement of the use of JavaScript on web pages now. Sure, JavaScript has been in use on the web for over a decade but never before have you been forced to use it like you are now. If you want to be able to interact with the latest web pages properly then you need JavaScript turned on. Sure, HTML 5 and CSS3 are the things that make the web pretty but JavaScript is what makes the web interactive.

The problem now becomes with JavaScript is that too many people who write it do not follow good software safety procedures. Most of the people who write are developers who work on the front end of the web only. The back end
people know that they have to worry about security while for the front end; security has always been an afterthought. Now since their JavaScript is a bigger part of interacting with HTML 5 and CSS 3 they need to start worrying
about it a little bit more.

So if you are a front end developer for the web, then make sure that you have security in mind when you create your application.

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  1. Did you happen to see the 3 articles written at Trend Labs.
    Here is the last one with the other 2 linked to it.

    • I hadn’t (for t’is the season for being overworked in retail right now) but I have now.

      It makes for an interesting read and I’m not surprised in the slightest to see the correlation with Bitcoin a service, like BitTorrent, which seems to have garnered a following amongst the ‘wrong’ type of audience.

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