Web Design Basics

There are many ways to produce a creative and working design for any webpage.

It should be noted, though, that an actual design is completed through a series of processes that involve coding, software and structure elements of a website.

The art of web design is not arcane, and anybody wishing to dabble in it simply needs to learn a few fundamental skills and some specialized software applications.

the basics of web design

the basics of web design

Hypertext Markup Language

A basic fact that the novice needs to realize is that all websites are in HTML format, or Hypertext Markup Language.

This is a simple tag-based code system used that form the basis of websites.

By using these tags, designers can dictate the design elements of a webpage, such as color and text style.

The HTML coding of any particular webpage can be viewed by accessing a specific option in a browser’s toolbar.

A typical set of HTML tags will include one or more headings, the body of text content, an opening tag and a closing tag.

Any individual with a working knowledge in HTML can thus design or alter a webpage by writing up the HTML script or, in the case of alterations, modify existing ones.

The script can be translated into a single webpage, and multiple scripts can be linked together to form a website.

To convert these scripts into HTML format, the individual simply employs any of various scripting tools developed specifically for this purpose.

For the person uninitiated in HTML, web design may require a bit more effort, but it can be done.

There are nifty applications online that abbreviate the web design process by skipping the scripting stage, instead providing the novice with templates to choose from.

The user simply makes a selection and applies it to the website.

A perfect example of these programs is Dreamweaver.

Workable Design

Regardless of the program chosen to help with web design, the individual should take note of a few factors that are essential in creating a workable design.

First, familiarization with the concept of homepage is necessary, the homepage being the primary page from where the various other pages of any particular website branch out from.

Being the initial page, the homepage should include the website’s name and links that will take a visitor to its affiliated pages.

Because of this, much of the homepage will involve elements of site navigation and other helpful content.

After completing the initial page, the design project could then move on to the development of the affiliate pages.

Design elements of these pages are freer and not as rigidly structured as the homepage, so the individual can incorporate whatever is suitable as long as it stays relevant to the theme of the website as a whole.

Related images and subtitles can be used in these pages.

To improve the functional aspects of the website, the designer might consider adding features written in other types of web-based coding like JavaScript, which allows more dynamic content to be embedded in a webpage.

There are certain websites that make this process easy by offering JavaScript items for other sites to copy and add to their own content.

The basics mentioned above are the keys that will help the aspiring novice open the doorway to the field of web design.

Even those with no serious intentions to learn the art can still create working website designs through the use of convenient web-based applications and some helpful websites.

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