Watch Out For These 3 Runescape Scams

Runescape is a word I hear all the time in my house but have only just really discovered what it is.

My two sons are limited as to how much time I will let them have on their computers, however, they spend nearly all of it playing Runescape.

So this post is at their request.

There are 3 different types of Runescape scam that they have told me about – one of which I’ve seen the bleeders trying to pull off themselves on new users, the other two they have seen first hand (but not fallen for, thankfully).

Password Scam – this is where another runescape user will type that Jagex (who run Runescape) block you from typing your password into “the world”. Of course this isn’t true – it will show up on screen for all to see and the scammer will quickly sign in and change the password to deny you access. Although it is likely that you will be able to retrieve your account you can bet on losing any items of value!

Item Duplicator Scam – in this scam another player will attempt to trick you into dropping all your items. Typically they will say that they know a cheat that allows you to gain exact copies of everything you put down in a certain place. When you have followed their instructions they tell you to press Alt + F4 at the same time to create the copies. Of course, what Alt + F4 really does is log you out, allowing the scammer to pick up and make off with all your goodies.

Personal Item Scam – As above but the scammer just get you to hand everything over for them to do the copying. As soon as you do they run off!

Remember, there are no known cheats in Runescape – if someone tries to convince you otherwise then don’t believe them!!

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