Watch Out For Forged SSL Certificates

Keeping your data safe on the internet can be hard for the average person. What if you ran a web business that had to deal with thousands, maybe even millions, of people every day? A job that was once hard becomes almost impossible. That is what a lot of internet businesses have to go through to make sure that your data is safe. To be able to do this job more efficiently they use certain tools that are supposed to be time tested throughout the industry. But sometimes even those tools fail as well.

Watch Out For Forged SSL Certificates

One of the tools that is used to protect us on the internet is one that is called SSL.

SSL is the security layer when you are transmitting data over the internet. When you see the lock come up on your browser, or if you see the http part of the web address have an “s” on it then you know that means you are using SSL. We have seen just recently that there has been a problem with one of the companies that are supposed to confirm working SSL certificates.

Black hat hackers have been able to figure out how to forge a certain company’s SSL certificates. This is very dangerous because this means that these hackers are able to make you think that you are logging into somewhere that is secure but meanwhile you are only walking into their trap. This is a hacking trap that can cause you to lose a lot of money because they can make you think that you are entering the web site of a number of financial institutions. Meanwhile you are on their server instead.

The major browser manufacturers are starting to black list the company’s SSL certificates who have been exposed. But the only problem with this is that it is going to take a while before all of the necessary browsers are updated. People tend to be very slow at upgrading. But if you are reading this article, I would recommend that if your browser manufacturer is offering an upgrade that you do so right away.

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