Watch Out For Fake Affiliate Links

We all have to be able to find a way to make money somehow. It is how the capitalist system works. Everyone provides a skill and they get paid according to how valuable that skill is. But not everyone likes how that system works. Some people want to be able to take shortcuts. So to do this they plot and plan so that they are able to find a way to take another person’s money or valuable goods. And in the digital age this has not changed much at all.

When you are in the digital world of the internet everything is not always what it seems. You may hear that phrase for a lot of different aspects in life but in the digital world it is especially true. The digital world of the internet moves quickly and in one minute a link might be safe and in the next minute it is causing you to get a virus on your machine. That is why you always have to be careful with the different links that you click on when you are surfing the web. If you are not careful then you might have a lot of work on your computer to do.


There is one type of link that you see all the time on the web that stays hidden to most people. While they may click on it they do not know exactly what they are clicking on. These types of links are known as affiliate links and they are very useful for both the person who is clicking on the link and the person who is providing the link itself. An affiliate link is one that is a link to a product or service. It has a referral number that is buried in the code. This referral code allows the website that you are going to know who sent them to it. And if you purchase something from the website that you went to then the person who sent you there will receive a percentage of the revenue. Most people see this as a fair trade. The website you are on provides the link and the exposure and they are paid for that service.

Some people who surf the web are leery when it comes to referral links. They think that you cannot trust someone’s opinion that is possibly being paid for. And sometimes that is true but, for the most part, most of the affiliate’s links that you see on the web are being provided by people who really believe in the product, they just want to earn a little cash by recommending it to others.

But there are some dangers that come with referral links as well. While most of the websites that you go to will have harmless referral links, there are some that will not. Just like anything else in life, when it comes to money there are some people who will try their best to trick others out of it. Some of the bad guys on the web will try to mask referral links so that you do not know that you are clicking on them. And some of the other bad guys on the web will try to force you to click on their referral link or they will not allow you to leave their website. They will hijack your browser through the use of JavaScript and the only way that you can leave is to click on the affiliate link. This happens a lot on the web so your best bet is to close the browser and restart rather than giving the person the money for doing something as bad as this.

When you are on the web you always have to be careful when it comes to the links that you click.

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