Watch Out For Amy Winehouse ‘Death Videos’ On Facebook

For most people, the death of somebody famous is newsworthy, possibly even saddening depending on whether you liked them or not. Even if you thought they lacked talent, it is certainly not good news in any way shape or form.

Unless you are a scammer looking to make a few quick bucks that is.

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The latest scam, which appeared very soon after it was confirmed that Amy Winehouse had indeed died, appeared on Facebook, masquerading as a video either of her death or of her allegedly on crack hours before she died. I’ve seen a few variants now but common messages to look out for on Facebook include –

  • Leaked Video!! Amy Winehouse on Crack hours before death. Amy Winehouse getting high on crack just hours before she died
  • Amy Winehouse death pictures & video (18+ only, contains drug use)
  • Amy Winehouse death watch video
  • Amy Winehouse Death film Leaked Attention: Real Video. Leaked Video of Miss Amy Winehouse Death – Watch Now!
  • Miss Amy Winehouse DEATH film LEAKED Attention: Real Video
  • Amy Winehouse autopsy leaked
  • Amy Winehouse Night Before Death Video
  • SHOCKING – Amy Winehouse’s Final Minutes
  • Amy Winehouse death photos leaked
  • Video leaked of amy winehouse’s death!!! Warning: Graphical Content
Amy Winehouse death scam video

Whilst I imagine there are many different consequences to clicking on such links, the ones I saw lead to a survey needing to be taken in order to watch the ‘video’.

Some of the surveys require you to download files to your computer which I hope is something you know not to do. If you have downloaded any files after trying to watch such a video then run a complete system scan with your antivirus program as there is a fair chance that you will have been infected with something less than desirable.

If you see a message about an Amy Winehouse video on your Wall then do your friends a favour and get rid of it. You can do this by removing the post from your Newsfeed and by clicking on the ‘x’ in the top right hand corner of the message to mark it as spam.

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  1. Been seeing this one now going around,,another clickjacking scam.
    Another one thats been getting a lot of attention is the – spider under the skin – one.

    Hope you are doing well on the other side of the pond. Been on vacation, kids here, an playing with Google+ a lot.

    • Hi Dave

      I’m well thanks, how are you?
      I’ve had a quick play with Google+ myself but am in two minds as to whether or not I will continue with it at this time due to privacy concerns and all the deleting of accounts that seems to be going on right now. How have you found it?


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