Watch Out For A Fake Lookout Security App On Google Play

If you are looking to protect your Android device then you may have considered one of the many apps available for just that purpose. One of the better ones that you can employ is Lookout Mobile Security (read my review).

Yesterday, however, a Lookout blog post pointed out that there may be an allegedly malicious app on the Google Play store that was designed to look like an official update to their security application.

Lookout security app

“Although the app does contain a Lookout branded asset, it was not primarily branded as a Lookout-specific update. The only way that a user could confuse the application with Lookout is after installation.”
Lookout blog

Whilst the company say that the app in question poses a very low risk it does serve as a reminder to check what you are downloading and installing. The app’s description and associated reviews can help you guage both it’s¬†authenticity¬†and it’s effectiveness.

Also, remember to only download apps from the official vendor page on Google Play or their own website; don’t be tempted to acquire new applications from 3rd party app sites which may not be as they seem.

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