Was The Holocaust A Political Scam?

Was the Holocaust the greatest crime in history, or is it a continuing political scam?

The following is a composition of views held by a wide range of people.

Which are correct or not is largely a matter of opinion and my views can be found at the end of the article.


There are a large number of people who believe that the Jewish race concocted a story about the Holocaust, or greatly inflated the number of deaths associated with it, in order to further an agenda.

As to what that agenda may be, again, there are many theories, ranging from gaining world sympathy to increasing their political power to securing the state of Israel.

What is the truth?

Only you can form an opinion on that.


Deniers believe that the Holocaust is used by the Jewish community in order to curtail anyone who speaks freely, and negatively, about the Jews.

Through the educational system we are told, from an early age, that Nazi Germany butchered millions of Jews during World War II.

This is despite the little known, or generally unreported, fact that the Red Cross monitored German concentration camps during the whole of the war and found that there was no extermination program targeting the Jews.


Throughout the Second World War, as with just about every other war, both sides employed propaganda in an attempt to motivate their people and demoralise their opposition.

Some claim that the whole concept of the Holocaust was a propaganda story designed to permanently smear the German people as mass-murderers.

Since the end of the war it has become increasingly politically incorrect to highlight racial differences or to talk of immigration controls, especially where immigration into ‘white’ nations is concerned.

Anyone who does so is likely to be labelled as a ‘Nazi’ or xenophobe.


In schools history is taught in a way that encourages students to question the facts.

After all, a lot of what we believe about our past is based upon the opinions of researchers and archaeologists.

In many areas, our understanding of history changes over time as existing concepts are revisited and re-examined.

Where the Holocaust is concerned, however, everything is taken as fact – teachers state ‘undeniable facts’ which students are expected to swallow as being the final word on the matter.

Children are told that the Holocaust happened, and that millions of Jews died.

End of discussion.

To even suggest that there is conflicting evidence is taboo since anyone who intimates that the Holocaust was not as history tells us it was is instantly labelled as anti-Semitic, or a Nazi.


After the war ended, the surviving members of Germany’s political and military hierarchy were put on trial at Nuremberg.

The court was headed by representatives of the Allies.

The Russian judge was the same man who presided over Stalin’s infamous 1930s purge trials.

Whilst it may be difficult to argue that the Germans on trial were not guilty of barbarism, crimes against humanity and other war crimes, there was no due process or protections afforded to the defendants in the way that someone on trial in the UK or the US would have enjoyed at that point in history.

The ‘evidence’ of genocide was enough to convict the men before the trial began, and the validity of such evidence was never questioned.

Inconvenient or conflicting evidence or testimony was suppressed.

Propaganda and lies were accepted, and the conclusions of the court, based on what was actually admissible, have, perhaps, changed our views of history for ever.

After all, it has often be said that history is always written by the victor.


1. The number of Jews in the world between 1939 and 1949 (16 million or so) stayed fairly constant over that time period.

2. Jewish propaganda originally claimed 18 million dead but that figure was dropped several times until it reached 6 million.

3. 5 million Jews emigrated from Nazi-controlled Europe after the war, either to the US or Israel.

This is despite the fact that the Nazis were said to have killed 6 million of the 5 million Jews living in the territory they controlled.

Additionally, Russia claimed to have taken in 2 million of those Jews, ahead of the advancing German army.

Is there not something wrong with these figures?

4. Despite the extermination of Jews by the Germans, half a million survived occupation in Paris for 4 years.

If there was a massive plan of extermination then how did such a large and concentrated number survive that length of time?

5. The Germans used Jews as forced labourers, supporting their war effort.

Why then, would they exterminate their workforce?

6. The Communist atrocity.

German troops discovered that Communist soldiers had mass murdered thousands of Polish prisoners near Katyn forest.

What was their response?

They called in neutral inspectors and the Red Cross to examine the atrocity.

No such investigation was ever undertaken by the Allies.

7. Casualties of war

When World War Two ended there were starving inmates discovered at many camps, and thousands had indeed died.

Could this not have been a result of Allied bombings which destroyed German infrastructure, cutting off food, medicine and other supplies?

8. Scientists discovered no evidence of gassing in ‘gas chambers’.

Many buildings were tested and found to have no residual evidence of gassing taking place.

Also, they were not sealed or vented in a way that would have made it possible for them to be used as gas chambers.

9. Recalculations are wrong.

When the number of Jews gassed at Auschwitz was downgraded from 4 million to 1 million why did the total number of Holocaust victims remain at 6 million?

This defies the simple logic of mathematics.

10. Jews control the media

Many of the major media corporations are controlled by Jews, either directly or indirectly.

This gives them the ideal opportunity to sway opinion and influence beliefs about the Holocaust and Jewish persecution in order to create a smokescreen, designed to hide their increasing political and financial power.


I believe some of the above points do carry some validity, though I am certainly not going to deny that atrocities occurred during the war.

It is my belief that atrocities were probably carried out by all sides in the war, more so by the Germans, and quite specifically against the Jews.

I also believe that Jews were killed in huge numbers, maybe the low millions.

However, I am of the opinion that those figures have been inflated for effect.

With the scale of the Holocaust, as it is presented to us now, it is very hard to have anything negative to say about the Jewish race.

I believe that feeling of sympathy led directly to the creation of the State of Israel, something that would probably have never even been contemplated if the Holocaust had never happened.


Do you believe the Holocaust happened?

Are the figures we have been told accurate?

If not, then why do you believe that history has misrepresented the facts?

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  1. Shoahbiz says:

    No denying the Holoco$t is about as real as 9/11.

  2. Dino Vettri says:

    How can one spend time writing this nonsense.

    Good try though, but it is not working.

    If you have a proof holocaust existed, then show > you will be a millionaire, I can promisse you!

  3. Jay Garth Jr says:

    As one who supports the views of Jewish Voices for Peace (dot org)and once began teaching myself Hebrew to better understand the old testament (TANAK) it would behoove anybody to label as an anti Semite . That being said, I am inclined to search for real evidence to establish the official version of the Holocaust and quite frankly am unable to find much of it. I wholeheartedly agree with Lee and Reality . If one were to walk in the shoes of anyone involved and during the war , they most certainly would be able to lend a much more accurate detailed account of these events. IMO the Holocaust is a distortion of reality and is , with all due respect to honorable Jewish volk, a sick media press has willfully falsified known facts for the purpose of instilling a collective guilt trip on the West, for to bear sole responsibility for the barbarities of WWII upon our shoulders. Perusing the ethnocentrism and hatred espoused towards all (esp. Christians) races and people s in the Jewish Talmud , I find that book to be most disturbing at best. Any reasoning person must question why the Chosen race is unabashedly so duplicitous and never consistently forthright towards gentiles . Read the Talmud and you will know why .This helps one to understand how Zionist ideology seems to have patented the double standard as well as having perfected the art of terrorism. I must question any version history that is based on legends or myth and as any good scientist would, expect a semblance of congruity in the equation before accepting any story at face value. In regards to the Holocaust of course there is little or none of such . I rest my case . Southern born and proud of my Anglo-European heritage to boot ! I just want the truth, not bullshit , ther’s enough of that to go around already ya’ll Thanks Lee for the eye-opener and insightful comments by Reality.

  4. Ah, one of my favourite topics. A very good read I share many of these ideas, should they become facts as I believe they are I would be quite pleased. It does not mean I am a Nazi, it simply means I want the truth without distortions or embelishment. I have seen Auschwitz and from my opinion it is impossible that it could have been used to gas people with something as strong as Zyklon B. No specific venting, no proper seal, and most importantly no chimney. I once heard a man who works with these types of gasses say, ” If you wanted to do this kind of gassing, there would have to be a chimney 100 feet higher than any other surrounding buildings.” I did not see a single chimney in the entire place.

  5. D. Overton says:

    Excellent read, with factual material. Based on the number of hits, either your site is not frequently visited, people are afraid to read the topic of this article or have been brain washed to believe the opposite or a combination thereof.

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