Was Mossad’s Website Really Hacked?

Back on Saturday it looked very much like a collaboration of hacktivists had led to the taking down of Israel’s Secret Intelligence Service website (mossad.gov.ul). Furthermore, they claimed to have leaked details of over 30,000 officials. But did that really happen?


One commenter here – Anon-E-Mouse – certainly doesn’t think so, saying,

So… hacked in March 2013 but the EXACT list of emails was already pasted on pastebin on Nov. 22 2012? Thats awfully peculiar.


Now The Times Of Israel has also cast doubts on the claims that Anonymous, in conjunction with Sector 404 and RedHack, launched a DDoS attack against the Mossad site or that they leaked the type of information they say they did.

“Pavel questions whether it was even the Mossad site that the hackers hacked. “There have been plenty of lists of Israelis leaked over the past several years from credit card companies, businesses, and so on, and it’s very possible that the latest claims are a recycling of some of those lists,” said Pavel. “But looking at the data on the Israelis that the hackers posted – they just don’t look like Mossad material to me.”

Thus far there hasn’t been any official word from Israel regarding the validity of either the alleged attack or the accuracy of the data leaked but it certainly looks likely now that Anonymous and co may have been misleading about what they did and what they got out of it.

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