Warped Factor 9 As Sophos KlingOn To Space Age AntiVirus

Being a huge fan of Star Trek, both new and old, I couldn’t resist sharing this with you.


Warp Factor Humour

Humor and the security industry are not usual bedfellows but Sophos have just come out with a quite brilliant piece of marketing based around the Star Trek franchise which, of course, has a new film out right now.

Their brand-new Klingon antivirus application can, they report, detect all the usual threats in addition to some that are quite specific to the exploration of the galaxy, such as ‘Betazoid sub-ether porn diallers.’

The program is actually genuine antivirus from Sophos but most users may find the functionality severely limited.

Unless they speak Klingon of course.

Klingon anti-virus works on most operating systems but you do need to be aware of a couple of compatibility issues –

‘This software has compatibility issues with the version of msxml4.dll used by cloaking devices on Romulan-modded D7-class battle cruisers. Installing this software on such vessels is punishable by ordeal of Ginst’a’Ed.’

For an extra giggle or two visit the Sophos site and view the code source as there are a few funny comments hidden away in there.

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  1. That is an absolutely superb piece of marketing and linkbait. Congrats to Sophos for being so innovative.

    • I think its absolutely brilliant and you’re right, I’ll remember this one for quite a while I’m sure.


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