Vulnerabilities In Facebook

Everyday the web site Facebook just gets larger and larger. It doesn’t matter how many people complain about the web site, it is not going anywhere. As a matter of fact, Facebook is probably considered more of a platform now than just a regular web site. There is so much you can do on the site and people do just that. No one uses Facebook the same way.


Some people go on to Facebook just so that they can keep up with friends both new and from the past. If you wanted to know how people from your past were doing before then you would have to go to a high school reunion. Either that or live in the same town for the rest of your life and they would have to do the same. But with Facebook all of that information is right there. But that is not the only reason why people use Facebook.

Some people go on to Facebook because they like to play the games and other apps that are offered. Believe it or not, Facebook has become something of a gaming platform and there are publishers on there that are making millions. The gaming and app platform of Facebook is now big business and many people are taking advantage of it.

And these people include black hat hackers.

When you have that many people all in one place then if you are a hacker you want to take advantage of it. When else are you going to get a chance to get so many people at once? The app and gaming platform leaves a lot to the imagination when it comes to a black hat hacker. They just have to figure out the best way to run their attack.

The best part for black hat hackers when it comes to Facebook is that many of the people on the web site are not very computer literate. They know how to get on the internet, check email, and visit a few web sites but they do not know how to protect themselves on the web. This leaves for a lot of vulnerability and a lot for the Facebook security team to deal with.

The one thing that you can say is that Facebook really does try to keep everything in order on the web site. When they find someone has corrupted the system then they do their best to try and fix it. They want to be able to protect their visitors as much as possible.

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