Valentine’s Day Phishing Scams

Valentine's Day Phishing Scams

With February the 14th drawing ever closer you can almost certainly expect to see numerous marketing pitches and eCards related to Valentine’s Day in your inbox.

Internet scammers are not typically foolish and they will know that Valentine’s Day presents them with a great opportunity for tricking the unwary into giving out their personal and financial information.

Valentine's Day Phishing Scams

One way in which this was done last year was through a phishing scheme that involved an email which indicated that flowers you had supposedly ordered for your other half wouldn’t be delivered unless you logged in and re-entered your credit card details.

It is likely that similar emails will go around mailboxes like crazy again this year.

The law of averages dictates that a great many of those mailboxes will belong to people who really have ordered flowers?

No-one wants their loved one to think that they’ve been forgotten onĀ  Valentine’s Day!

If you were to click the link in such an email and then enter your credit card number you could have a real problem when your next statement arrives.

If you receive such an message and believe it may be real then it would still be a good idea to phone the florist or confirm by directly accessing their website.

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