Using Your Mobile Phone To Keep You Safe During A Storm

When you look at your mobile phone what do you really see? Do you see your phone as a work device that helps you get the job done? Do you see it as a gaming machine that helps entertain you throughout the day? Or do you see it as a multimedia device that again will help entertain you with music and movies throughout the day? Depending on the type of person that you are, there are many ways that you can see your phone. We all set up our mobile phones a little bit differently. But there is also another way that you can see your mobile phone. And that way is during a natural disaster you can see it as a life saver.


Yes, if you are in the middle of a natural disaster your phone can be the one thing that will help save your life. While you may not realize it, there are a lot of apps available in the app store that is made specifically to help you when there is trouble around. And also for most of the major smartphones out there some of the apps on the phone itself are set up to help you out during times of trouble. And we are talking about more than the ability to just call 911.

For example, in a lot of smartphone set ups there are emergency apps that will activate when there is a federal emergency declared. In some phones you do not have to activate them at all. They are already activated when you buy the phone and turn it on. But it is in the app stores of both iTunes and Android Play where you will see the real treasure when it comes to emergency apps for you to use.

There are several apps in these app stores that will allow you to listen to emergency police scanners in your area in real time. This allows you to know what is going on around you and allows you to properly gauge your concern level in a calm manner. This is a great way to know whether you are in real trouble or not. Another app that will help you do that as well are the radio apps. When you are at home and the power goes out, you will still have your phone available to you. And you can use the radio app to listen to what is going on in your area. Most radio stations these days have an app available or they have their live stream coming from another app that is available in the apps store.

There are also a lot of apps out there that will just give you information on what you should do in case of an emergency. In the apps there several scenarios laid out that might be considered an emergency and it will let you know the answers when it comes to how to respond to them. If you check the app store you will see that there is an app for every scenario out there so there might be a few that you would want to download and keep on your phone just in case something happens.

Overall when it comes to emergencies, you never know how they are going to go. That is why you should try to be prepared as much as possible. And part of that is getting your phone ready as well. If you set it up right it can turn out to be a real life saver.

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