Using Windows 8 In Your Every Day Life

There are a bunch of people who are going to be surprised when they finally see the new version of Windows. It is unlike anything else that Microsoft has tried to do before. You will see a brand new operating system that is trying to take on its competitors in two different fields. One of the fields is on the normal desktop arena. This is the one in which Microsoft has been the top dog in the field for years. The other field of play is the tablet market. This is a market that Microsoft has tried to break into over the years but Apple was the one who showed them how to get it done. Now it is Microsoft’s turn to catch up.

But with all of these changes, will the new Microsoft Windows operating system still be a device that you can use in your everyday life? Microsoft is betting that it will be. They are betting that it will be on devices that you will use more now in your everyday life than you have ever done with your desktop or your laptop.

Using Windows 8 in your every day life

When will you use it?

You will see people use Windows 8 more when they are on the go then they ever had with other Microsoft operating systems. Windows 8 will have two versions of the same operating system, built it will fit into one tight install. This means that you will be able to use the same system on both your desktop and on the tablets that Microsoft is hoping that you will buy.

That’s right; Microsoft is really worried about the tablet wars that are going to start soon. Even though they were one of the first tech companies to offer tablet computing, they are being left behind by both Apple and Google. They want to be able to enter the fray but they also still have to worry about the people who have used Windows in the past. They cannot leave them behind and just worry about the future. They have to balance this train of thought by knowing that if they do not look into the future more than they have in the past then the other two companies mentioned previously will leave them in the dust.

So to avoid this they are trying to let you use the same operating system on any device that you use. We first saw hints of what would become with the Windows 7 mobile phone. Now we are starting to see it on the desktop/laptop and also on the tablets as well. So now they are trying to have you feel comfortable with using the operating system no matter what device you are using at the time. It will become a part of your life which means that it will be hard to get away from. And they know that this idea is possible since they have seen Apple do something similar. They made the new OS X Lion operating system very similar to the IOS operating system that is in their smart phones and tablets. Now when people use those devices and then they switch to their laptop, the transition is seamless. Microsoft is trying to do the same thing.

So will you be using Windows 8 in your everyday life more often than you use Windows 7 now? The answer is probably yes. If they have products that all run good and since people are already used to the Windows platform then there is a good chance that you will be seeing it for a long time to come.

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