Using Live CD’s To Help Heal Your Computer

There is nothing worse that can ruin your day than getting the message that something is wrong with your computer. One day you are just strolling along and looking at different websites on your computer then all of the sudden it pops up. A message saying that there is an infection in your computer that you need to take care of quickly. Except that you notice that there is something wrong with this message. The GUI does not look like any antivirus that you have installed in your computer. So because it does not look like anything that you have ever seen before you click the close button and that is that. But it’s not because all of the sudden your computer starts to go crazy. All kind of warnings pop up telling you that the system has been compromised and that you are having hardware failures. Everything is going crazy and there is nothing that you can do.


But the truth is, while you do have a piece of malware on your computer, there is actually nothing else wrong with it. You are not having hardware failures and you do not have massive system failure. You are only seeing these messages so that the black hat hacker has scared you enough to get you to buy their software. You know the software that is going to somehow miraculously “cure” your computer. The truth of the matter is that they are the ones who planted the bug in your computer in the first place and you should not give them any money. If you do buy the software you are only rewarding them for their crimes. And another reason why you shouldn’t give them any money is because there is another way to fight this infection. And usually the way to fight this infection will not cost you a dime.

When an infection like this happens you are not dealing with the normal type of malware. You are dealing with something that is strong and you need to be able to take extraordinary measures. That is where the concept of Live CD’s to fight infections comes in. You might be asking yourself what is a Live CD? A live CD is a program that is either on a USB stick, A DVD, or an actual CD, that will allow you to run another Operating System on your computer. The difference being is that you do not actually have to install this operating system. It runs completely off of the CD itself and not on your hard drive. Most of the time the Operating System that you are running will be some form of Linux but there are a few other variants out there as well.

The reason why a Live CD can help is twofold. First of all because when you have a piece of malware that is this strong, most of the time you will not be able to run the protection software that is already installed on your computer. The protection software will be blocked or deleted in general. So a Live CD will be able to run the protection software that you have lost. Another reason why you want to run a Live CD is because you want to be able to see the entire file system when a piece of malware is bad enough. When you are running an antivirus scan on your computer with software that is installed on the computer, there will be some sections of the computer that you will not be able to see. So while the antivirus scan is picking up 99% of the computer, there will be 1% that you will not see. With an externally mounted Live CD you will be able to see the entire file system. There will be no place where the malware will be able to hide.

In the end Live CD’s will be able to help you secure against most of the threats out there.

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