Using Linux To Access Your Windows Machine

Most of the people who use computers today use Windows. It does not matter if it is their primary machine; there is a good chance that you are always going to have to use Windows at some point. You will have to use it whether it is when you are at work or if you are simply just using the ATM machine that is at the store. Most of the devices that we see these days run on Windows. While Apple is starting to make some inroads with the IPad and the IPhone when it comes to competing with Windows, the desktop market is still ruled by Windows in a big way.


But Windows is not the only game in town that is starting to make inroads. While you do interact with Windows all day long at different points, the same thing can be said about Linux. On most days, if you deal with technology then there is a good chance that you are going to be dealing with a Linux based machine as well. Most of the time it is not as obvious as when you are dealing with a Windows based machine. Linux likes to be in the background a little bit more than Windows does. When you use an Android based phone, you are using Linux. When you deal with a piece of embedded technology (microwave, elevator, etc), you are most likely dealing with Linux. And when you access a website such as Google then you are dealing with Linux. Linux based servers run more than 70% of the web right now.

But besides embedded devices and things of that nature, Linux is also good at other things as well. One of the things that it is good for is to be used as a security tool. While most of the machines that you will be dealing with are going to be Windows based, it is good to use a tool like Linux when you are dealing with them. And this is for several reasons.

Linux is good when it comes to the amount of security software that is available for it. There are a lot of freely available open source tools out there and most of them are designed to run on Linux only. And most of the security tools that you will find will be Linux only. Since most of the web is based on the UNIX philosophy it is easier to just use Linux when you are dealing with it. And since most of the security issues that we deal with these days are web based, Linux is the perfect tool.

But that is not to say that Linux only can be used for web based security. That is far from true. There are a lot of Linux based kits that will allow you to fix even your Windows computer. You can use Linux to access some of parts of Windows that has been infected. From there you can find and eliminate the problem without worrying about infecting your Linux installation.

You can also use Linux for simple procedures such as retrieving your Windows password. We all have had a time when we forgot our password. And when you do it on windows it can be even more troubling. There is software on Linux that will allow you to retrieve that Windows based password rather easily.

When it comes to a good security tools, a Linux installation is right up there with the best. If you are in the security field then it will pay dividends if you get a chance to learn Linux and all that it can do.

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