Using College Football To Deliver Security Threats Over The Internet

There is a debate around the world what the true meaning of the word Football is. In America what is called football around the world is known as Soccer and the sport that is known Football is played with a pigskin. The American version of Football is the biggest sport in the country and there is no close second. While Baseball might be known as America’s pastime that is a title from a long time ago and right now that record is held by Football. There is no other sport in the country right now that brings families and friends closer together on a Saturday and Sunday afternoon.


And while the professional version of Football is the biggest sport around, the second biggest sport is the amateur level of Football. This amateur level is otherwise known as College Football. College Football is a huge sport with bigger stadiums than even the professional game. On a regular basis there are many stands that hold over 100k of people that are filled up every Saturday. They watch as their teams try to pull out victories over hated rivals from either in state or from the other side of the country.

And the fans of College Football are some of the most fanatical in the country. They are known to go crazy over their teams and that includes wearing their items. Or if they are not wearing their favorite college teams merchandise they are dressing up the items that they use with the team colors. And that includes their computers. When you see crazy college football fans a lot of the time you will see that there will be something on their computer that will indicate that they are a fan of the team. And while most of the time that is not a problem, sometimes it can be.

It can be because of where these fans are getting these items from. Most of the time when you see the items that the fan has gotten it is from some free website on the internet. And you have to remember that when you get something free off the internet what is it really costing you. While the item may not be costing you money, it could be costing you something else entirely. Most of the time the website that you got the item from makes money off of ads that is on the web site. And that is fine. That is how most of the web works. But sometimes the websites make money by adding a little something extra to whatever you are downloading from them. Some of the extras that they are giving you are legal and in some cases they are illegal and will end up harming your computer.

It really all depends on what type of file you are putting on your computer. Are you adding a desktop wallpaper to your system? While there is a chance that it can cause harm to your computer that chance is very small. But if you are downloading some type of file that you have to execute on your system then that is the type of file that can cause damage. Anything executable is something that you should worry about.

When it comes to supporting your favourite sports team on your computer you should feel free to do so. But you should also remember to be careful as well, or your love for your team could cause harm to your system.

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