Using A Paper Notebook Isn’t Great But Its Better Than Using The Same Password For Every Site

When it comes to the password game that we all play it is hard to be able to figure out what is the right thing to do. On some web sites you may read that it is okay to use the same password just as long as it is long and hard to crack. On other web sites you might read that using the same password is harmful. Even the place where you should store your password is up for debate. Some people think that it is okay to store it on a normal text file on the computer. Others think that you should use special software such as KeePass to store your password. As you can see there are numerous opinions about the subject.

Some people, no matter if it is safer or not, just do not feel like jumping through the hoops of what it takes to really keep your software safe. They rather just do the bare minimum and hope that nothing happens. While that is not the smartest approach to take it is what a lot of people do. So if you are a person who is going to take that route then I suggest that you use a paper notebook to store your passwords. Just don’t use lame examples like the ones you see in the following image!

Using A Paper Notebook Isn't Great But Its Better Than Using The Same Password For Every Site

While a paper notebook is not the best solution it will allow you to be able to store your passwords somewhere safe from a remote attack. Yes, it is true that someone with physical access to your computer can get the information, but it is still better than keeping it on an unguarded text file on your system. Plus keeping your passwords on a paper notebook will allow you to be able to create more than one password for each site that you visit. Yes, it is better to have more than one password in use. Sure you might be able to get away with using the same password on unimportant sites, but if your bank web site has the same password as your Facebook account then you could be in trouble.

Keeping your password safe in a notebook is definitely not the safest way to handle it but it is better than nothing.

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  1. I use a note pad an pen to keep my log in stuff, dont think i would be okay with saving it anywhere on a computer.

    • A pad and pen isn’t as insecure as some people think, as long as you keep the pad itself somewhere where it won’t fall into the wrong hands. In a home environment it may well be safer than using the computer for storage.

      • Since its only me on my computer keeping what i need to wrote down in a note pad is easier for me.

        By the way Lee, some of your articles are showing up linked in Google+, just thought i would let you know.

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