Using A Mobile Phone To Get Information About A Target

Personal information is the number one target for black hat hacker these days. In the past it would be to try and get information about some sort of product or to try and get information about a place where money is stored. But that is no longer the case and it seems as if everyone wants to be able to get the personal data of people these days. The good and the bad guys both seem to want this type of information. While you can steal a credit card number and wipe the card out it is more profitable to be able to go after a victim over and over again because you have their personal information lined up.


So now that you are looking for personal information, the problem then becomes where are you going to get it at? While people are putting more and more of the information online these days, they are also more careful about what they put up. For the most part people have heard the warnings of what dangers can be found online and how those dangers can harm you. So more and more people are careful with how they operate online and that includes how much information they put out about themselves on there. Even on a service like Facebook where everyone for the most part is usually comfortable sharing with others, people are weary with posting too much information that a bad guy can use. So if you are a black hat hacker where are you going to go to get the personal information of a likely target?

The next place that you can go to is the mobile phone. While cell phones have been around for a long time, we are now in a new age where everyone has a smartphone. So the people who are new to the phenomenon are now seeing all that a smartphone can do. But they are being reckless when it comes to their phones. They are not treating the phones like the mini computers that they are and they are leaving all types of holes for the bad guys to be able to penetrate to. So if you are a bad guy then your next logical step is to attack the smartphones of your intended victims because that is the most likely place where you are going to get a lot of data about the person.

When it comes to their smartphones people leave their banking information on them, their name and social security number, and all sorts of other bad things that the bad guys can use against them. They forget that the phone is more like a computer then a normal house phone so they forget the protections that they must have while using the phone.

The reality is that the bad guys realize that this is going on and they are ramping up the attacks when it comes to smartphones. While the android phones are the most targeted right now, the bad guys are starting to ramp up their attacks on IPhones as well. And it is not just the smartphones on the market being targeted. We are starting to see targeting of the tablet market as well. The tablets use basically the same operating systems that the smartphones do so it makes the jobs of the bad guys a lot easier.

So if you are carrying a mobile phone around then you should really be careful when it comes to the data that you put on it. The bad guys are not stopping at the computer anymore. They are coming after all our devices now.

photo: The Unbiased Blog

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