Did You Know That You Can Use Cain & Able Software To Recover Passwords Lost On The Company’s Network?

If you have used a computer for any length of time then the one thing that you are sure to have done is to lose the password for something.

No matter if it was an old email account or a social media web site that you like to visit, passwords are forgotten all of the time.

This is why when you forget a password on a web site it so easy to get it back.

retrieve lost passwords with Cain & Abel

retrieve lost passwords with Cain & Abel

They (the website owners) expect the password to be forgotten at some point of your time on the site.

But it is worse when you forget the password to your actual system.

In Microsoft Windows products, you are able to place a password on the login page so that no one can use the computer except you.

If you lose the password then the other people are not going to be the only ones that are locked out.

You will not be able to get in either.

Luckily there is a solution to that problem.

A Tool Used For Both Good And Evil

There is a hacker tool that is known as Cain and Abel and its main purpose is to be able to recover Windows passwords.

This tool is used by both the black hat and the white hat hacker communities.

The reason why the tool is so effective is because it uses a variety of methods to be able to get to your password.

It can use network packet sniffing and also use analyzing and cracking hashes to retrieve your password.

Several of the techniques that it uses to get this information are considered black hat.

For example, to attack and gather the data in the hashes that your password is stored, it will use a rainbow table to try to get the information.

Rainbow tables are a huge database of known hash marks and it does its best to try and match up the one that you have on your computer.

Rainbow tables can be huge and can take up a lot of hard drive space.

It is because of these black hat techniques that some of the antivirus programs that are out on the market will label software such as this a piece of malware.

It claims that it is a potentially dangerous tool.

In the wrong hands it can be.

Using Cain And Abel On The Network

The fact that the software can do network analysis when it is trying to crack the password is a great feature.

This is what makes it perfect for a company’s network.

If you have someone that you suspect is doing something wrong on their computer you can analyze the network packets and grab their password if they decide to change it.

This way you have easy access to their work computer.

Cain and Abel is a good piece of software to have around in case your forget your password on the computer.

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