USB Data Recovery Solutions

If you own a USB / Flash drive or ten (and who doesn’t these days!) then you’re probably quite happy with what you have. They’re cheap, reasonably quick, small and can carry a lot of data on them. But what happens when the unthinkable happens and you delete something important from one, or the data on your stick becomes corrupted due to a virus or some other type of catastrophe?

This is where USB data recovery solutions come in.

USB Data Recovery Solutions

USB data recovery solutions

If your need for a USB data recovery solution is because you accidentally deleted some files in the recent past then you’ll be pleased to know that you have a high chance of successfully recovering it if you use the right tools. In terms of data recovery tools there are many out there. At this moment in time I’ve not looked at any in depth so no recommendations from me, but there are both paid and free alternatives out there. I would caution you to look for some reviews of data recovery tools before you buy though as some are most definitely better than others.

Such software may also be able to help with other causes of data loss, i.e. data corruption. Of course, when malware of hardware failure is added to the equation the chances of a successful recovery of said data is lessened.

[box type=”info”]So how does USB data recovery work?[/box]

Quite simply, a software solution will scan the files and directories on your Flash or USB storage device, looking for files which it can recover for you. It will then present these to you and you can decide whether to recover some or all of the files that can be retrieved. As I said, there are some free programs of this nature available on the web or you can buy one, typically for around $35-40 by the looks of it.

Another alternative, which is a much more expensive option, is to enlist the help of a professional data recovery company. The price of such a service is likely to be high and only of use if critical business data has been lost. The advantage of using such a company, however, is that they will have a good level of expertise and may be able to repair your storage device as well as recover the data that is upon it.

Of course the ideal solution in this scenario is to not lose valuable or sentimental information in the first place. Keep your computer protected with a good antivirus program that can scan your USB drives as they are connected to your PC. Also, check out a backup solution, be it an additional hard drive, cloud storage or something else.

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