USA vs China: Who Is Hacking Who? Part 2 – Eastern Europe

Facebook, Twitter, The New York Times. The United States of America. All seemingly hacked by the Chinese.

China. Seemingly hacked by the US. Big time.

But is there another option?

“At least 40 companies including Apple Inc., Facebook Inc. and Twitter Inc. were targeted in malware attacks linked to an Eastern European gang of hackers that is trying steal company secrets, two people familiar with the matter said.”


According to Tom Kellerman of Trend Micro there could well be –

“We’ve all been watching China, but they’re not the most advanced cybercriminals. The most advanced are from the Eastern Bloc and Russia.”
Tom Kellerman via CNN

And so it seems that there may well be an Eastern European gang who are determined to sell on company secrets on the underground market. This is facilitated by a trade in hacking tools in what he describes as a ‘giant arms bazaar’. Kellerman also says that some of these tools being traded are just as advanced and as sophisticated as the ones currently being used by some of the worlds’ governments.

So maybe, just maybe, the US and China are so busy pointing their fingers at each other that both may have missed the fact that other entities also have an interest in their secrets and technologies.

So do you think that sounds plausible or shall we just go with the flow and say China must be responsible for all the recent high profile hacking in the news?

photo: wisegie

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