Understanding The 3 Best Security Features In Windows 7

If you are a user of Windows 7 you might have noticed that you receive more warnings while you are doing everyday computing activities.

The warnings are not as intrusive as they were in Windows Vista but they show up more than they did in Windows XP.

This is because Windows 7 has adopted a more streamlined but effective approach to warn you when you may be doing something dangerous on your computer.

Microsoft was tired of being the company that everyone said produced insecure products so they created Windows 7 from the top down to be an operating system that would be one of the most secured OS’s out there.

They did this in several different ways.

windows 7 security

windows 7 security

I will break down their latest in security enhancements into three different parts.

This will allow me to show you an overview of their improvements.

User Access Control

One of the first things that they did to improve the security of Windows 7 was to make the UAC panel easier to use and less annoying for the user.

A less annoying panel means that less people would turn it off.

UAC means User Access Control and it was first introduced in Windows Vista.

There were a lot of complaints when it was first introduced in Vista because it would get in the way of the user’s computing experience and when you did go into the panel to modify the amount of messages that it would show you the options were basically show all or show none at all.

In Windows 7 they have fixed this a great deal.

Now you can set it to a bunch of different levels that will keep you secured but will not annoy you anywhere near as much.

You can set it based on your experience level.

There is even a mode that will turn the warnings off completely but it will still keep you protected by implicitly nullifying the threats.

New Tools

The next thing that they did to make Windows 7 a more secured experience was to offer a better set of tools to help protect your computer.

With the last couple of versions of the operating system, while Mac OS X and Linux came with a set of tools that would protect them from malware, you had to purchase similar tools to protect Windows or you had to at least use a free third party program to accomplish the same job.

The Firewall program was not a fully robust firewall and there was no antivirus program available from the company.

This has all changed in Windows 7.

You can download a free fully featured antivirus offering to use with Windows 7 and their firewall is now fully featured as well.

This creates a safer environment overall for people using the operating system.

Technical Upgrades

The last thing that keeps the average user safe in Windows 7 is some of the technical upgrades they have made inside of the kernel.

Since this is supposed to be a basic overview of the security features that are in Windows 7 I will not go too deep into the details but I will say that under the hood there have been many improvements in Windows 7.

You can now use the operating system and feel as secured as everyone else on rival systems.

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