UK Justice: Jailed Hacker Nicholas Webber Gets IT Lessons, Hacks Prison Computer System


Thats the main purpose of the prison system isn’t it? To take an offender out of society and to punish/educate them over time so that they change their ways prior to their eventual release.

Heres how we do that in the UK…


So, you get busted for creating a web site – – which allegedly made millions from trading stolen credit cards and identities as well as sharing hacking information and end up in jail.

“Ghostmarket.Net bought and sold credit card details and bank account information potentially worth millions of pounds and also offered online tutorials in a range of credit card scams.

It had more than 8,000 users at its peak, the court heard.

Banks and shops around the world were defrauded off the back of the information.”

What do you do next? Thats right, you enrol in the prison’s IT class and carry on hacking.

“No access to personal information or wider access to the internet or other prison systems would have been possible.”
HMP Isis

His IT teacher, Michael Fox, has now brought a claim for unfair dismissal, saying that it wasn’t his fault that Webber ended up in his class. Fox also says he had no idea Webber was a hacker.

“The prison, HMP Isis in South London, blamed his teacher, Michael Fox, who was employed by Kensington and Chelsea  College. He was banned from the prison but the college cleared him of committing any security breaches at a disciplinary hearing last March.

However, he was made redundant when no alternative work could be found for him.”
Daily Mail

So just how did a guy jailed for hacking end up doing IT during his incarceration?

And what now for the teacher? Well, his employment tribunal continues though it has now been adjourned until April 30th.

photo: Casey Serin

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