UK Home Office Pledges £4 Million To Cyber Security Awareness Program

As someone who believes strongly in the value of security awareness programs I’m glad to see that the UK government is investing heavily in a new campaign designed to educate British businesses on how to avoid falling victim to online criminals.

The £4 million funding for this awareness campaign will come from the £650 million that the government have already put aside for tackling cyber crime in their hope that they can make the UK one of the safest places in the world for conducting online business.


The campaign, which will be launched in the autumn, will draw expertise from several areas –

  • the Cabinet Office
  • Department of Business, Innovation and Skills
  • business sector partners including Get Safe Online

Talking about the campaign, Security Minister James Brokenshire said,

“The digitisation of the UK economy has made our lives easier and has created huge opportunities, but it has also created individual security risks as well. If we are to meet these new challenges it’s essential we step up our efforts to stay safe online.

The threat of cyber crime is real and the criminals involved are organised and driven by profit.

By making small changes British businesses can remain competitive in the global economy and consumers can have greater confidence using the internet.”

Whilst I think a government-led awareness campaign is an excellent idea I do wonder just how far £4 million pounds will go. Do you think this is enough funding?

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