Safety Tips For Twitter

So, you know how to stay safe on Facebook.

What about Twitter though?

You do have a Twitter account, right?

That may be a question that isn’t even worth asking these days.

After all, having a Twitter account has become almost as common as having an email account.

Twitter is one of the best social networking services available on Internet.

Tweeting tweets has become as necessary as breathing for some people (you know who you are!)

People can use Twitter from a variety of locations and many different devices.

I, for instance, I use my mobile phone for reading tweets at work, though I much prefer my desktop computer when it comes to writing anything.

Twitter Social

With Twitter, the way people socialize has completely changed.

Now people prefer to share their thoughts and their daily activities on Twitter with their friends.

Twitter is so much different from other Social Networking services.

In other social networks people cannot read your status messages and bio details unless they are in your friends list.

But in Twitter, you can follow absolutely anyone.

Following means that you can read their tweets regardless or whether or not they follow you back.

The implication of this is that Twitter exposes you to a far greater part of the social internet than other services.

Twitter And Shortened URLs

For this reason Twitter users need to be more cautious and careful while they are Tweeting.

Since each tweet needs to be kept to a maximum of 140 characters people use URL shorteners to shorten them.

With shortened URLs you are, under normal circumstances, completely unaware of the web site that they will take you to until you click on them.

For that reason it is highly advised to either click on only those links which are posted by known members or to use a service which will reveal the real URL behind a shortened one.

Twitter Passwords

You also need to guard your Twitter password too.

There are number of Twitter applications which can make your tweeting easier and more interesting.

Most of these applications request access to your account for information.

Before you actually allow any application to crawl into your account, do some basic research about that application in order to ensure your security level.

Ensure that you are following a real person or a firm instead of a spammer because you do not want to end up reading junk or following people who link out to malicious web sites.

Keep Your Tweets Close To Your Chest

Never reveal too much about yourself on a social network.

That applies to Twitter as well as all the alternatives.

Identity thieves are now using social networking sites and the more info you give them the easier their job becomes.

There have been cases where identity thieves have hacked into accounts on some social networks and then attempted to use the information available through them to trick friends of the account holder into sending money.

If you are a parent, you need to educate your kid about all the risky elements involved in Twitter.

Convince your kids to come to you whenever they see or read a subject which they are not supposed to.

I have seen children giving away their personal information and photographs on Twitter.

As I parent I wouldn’t want to see my kids doing that!

Ensure that your kids set their profile as a private one.

Also make sure your kids allow you to view their tweets from time to time so that you can be sure they are following any rules you have set down.

This will surely help your kids to experience the good part of Twitter.

Be cautious and be secured.

Happy Tweeting.

About Lee Munson

Lee's non-technical background allows him to write about internet security in a clear way that is understandable to both IT professionals and people just like you who need simple answers to your security questions.


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