Twitter Phisher Now Targeting Digg?

It would appear that Twitter is not the only social networking site being targeted by phishers at this time.

They are now after another of the big guns – Digg.



A clone of Digg, which looks identical to the genuine site, has been released.

Those behind it seem to be dropping the URL wherever they can and, in particular, on other social networking sites such as Twitter.

By using a URL shortening service, such as Tiny URL, they are able to mask the real website address ( is the site to avoid).

Of course, you shouldn’t visit that fake website and you most certainly shouldn’t attempt to sign in there.

If you do, you’ll lose your Digg account and will be allowing someone complete control over your future Diggs, friends, shouts, etc.

The Shanghai Connection

Interestingly, a Whois lookup on the registrant of the offending domain reveals that the site is, apparently, located in Shanghai, China.

Why is that interesting?

Because the fake Twitter domain I wrote about a couple of days ago was also coming out of Shanghai.

An unlikely coincidence or could it be the same person behind both?

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  1. That’s my belief too Mark, though I don’t think the government block or censor everything.

  2. It looks like it is the same person behind both though I though the internet access in China was limited?

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