Twitter Being Used To Get Information About Potential Targets

This is a great time in social media technology.

Even though MySpace and some of the other leaders in the field have fallen by the way side, they have been replaced by either technically or socially superior offerings.

Twitter & Facebook

In the case of technical superiority, the winner is definitely Facebook and it’s huge user base.

It allows you to stay connected to individuals and still maintain a great deal of privacy.

Some of that has been changed in the past couple of months, but overall they keep your privacy better than any other social media site.

Twitter is the other winner in this battle.

They have grown a great deal in such a short amount of time.

Unfortunately their privacy policy is not as good as Facebook’s.

Private Twitter

Twitter allows you to have two settings.

Your tweets can either be open or they can be private.

When they are private, only the people that you choose are allowed to follow you.

This seems secured on the outside, but it quickly becomes a setting that people get tired of.

Part of the fun of Twitter, is that people that you do not know get to follow you, if you seem like an interesting person.

Locking your twitter account eliminates that feature.

So most people end up turning it off.

This is when the problems begin.

Public Twitter

People use twitter when they are in the office, on the streets, and at home.

This causes the average user to become real comfortable with the service and maybe say things that they didn’t mean to.

This includes personal items about themselves and information about their job that should not be spoken about in public.

There are ways that you can delete the offending tweet, but most times it will still be picked up by third party devices that hook to twitter.

Applications such as tweetdeck will cache the tweet and the people who follow you will still see it.

If a hacker or any other kind of criminal is casing a particular target, they can find out who works there.

Once they find out who works there, it should be easy to find the workers that use Twitter.

Once that information is found out, they can then set those people as part of a list and monitor what they say.

Someone in that group will say something valuable about their job.

All they need is one person to slip up.

Corporations and small businesses need to go over with their workers social media protocol.

A firm policy is needed, so they know what they can disclose on social media sites.

The companies must realize that these sites have become a huge way that people socialize and they need to plan for it.

I wouldn’t go as far as monitor their tweets but an official office policy should be good enough.

Especially when you are dealing with sensitive information.

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