Tunisian Hacker Takes Out Operation Bald Eagle Website. Can You Security Guys Help The Owner?

The non-profit Operation Bald Eagle website – www.operationbaldeagle.org – has been hacked by someone claiming to be Tunisian who goes by the name of ‘Fayzoun’.

The site’s main page has been replaced with a rather large image and a selection of text:


(If anyone can translate the language above – Arabic I assume – I’d love to know what it says).

Scrolling down the page reveals some more text where ‘Fayzoun’ gives out what is presumably his own Facebook page and also an email address tied to hacker.ps. That domain wouldn’t resolve for me and a whois lookup proved to be a waste of time other than to say the domain was unavailable.


You can see ‘Fayzoun’s’ Facebook page below:


Operation Bald Eagle itself is a non-profit organisation that supports members of Law Enforcement, Fire Crews, Medics and the Military.

Now, according to Jeanne Gustafson, the site’s founder – Jeff Mitchell – could be in need of some help from the security community if any of you guys are willing to lend him a hand:

Until the organization’s Website is restored, Mitchell asks that people keep in touch with Operation Bald Eagle through its Facebook page, and he says he’s open to ideas from the local tech community about website security.

If you can offer Jeff any assistance I guess the best way of contacting him right now is via Operation Bald Eagle’s Facebook page.

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  1. yeah
    and about my e-mail u can send any messages cauz its still working ^_^

  2. Thats Me Who Hacked That Website

    My Lettre Was So Simple…

    We Want Peace

    You Kill Our Palestinian Children We Hack Your Sites…

    End Of Message

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