Trend Micro Offer Up Stark Warning About Iron Man 3 Streaming Sites

Iron Man 3 is now on at the cinema and it may well prove to be one of the biggest blockbusters of the year. Nonetheless, there are many people who have no intention of watching it on the big screen.

These people will, instead, go looking for the movie online. The anti-piracy brigade will say that this is wrong full stop of course but there is another reason why looking for streams of new movies is not a good idea.


According to Trend Micro there are already over a hundred websites claiming to offer streaming of Iron Man 3, many of which are on popular blog services, broken down thus:

  • Tumblr – 50%
  • Others – 27%
  • WordPress – 11%
  • Blogger – 8%
  • Devhub – 4%

If you visit one of these sites then you will be asked to download a video installer which is actually quite legitimate, albeit known for being quite aggressive with displaying adverts.

So, thus far, there doesn’t seem to be a huge problem but, as Trend Micro say,

“However, it’s still possible that these legitimate files would be replaced with malware at a later time. Thus, it won’t be a complete surprise if we find a malware-hosting webpage disguised as an Iron Man 3 streaming or downloading page anytime soon.”

An alternative spin on this that I have seen is links to Iron Man 3 streams on Facebook. Clicking through these leads to the old survey routine where you’ll be filling in all sorts of info to earn those behind it a pretty penny in commissions, all with no guarantee of seeing the movie at the end of it anyway.

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Lessons to be learned

  • Hackers and those looking to make money out of you will always take advantage of anything that is popular, including movies, so beware when clicking links associated with the latest films
  • Whatever your views on piracy it is illegal – downloading pirated films can get you into serious trouble


photo: JD Hancock

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