Top 10 Locations For US Identity Theft

Whilst I was surfing around the internet tonight I came across a report from ID which takes a look at fraud from the business point of view.

It looks like they’ve done a great job of analysing huge chunks of data in order to determine the areas within the United States where identity theft is most prevelent.

If I have understood their report correctly then it would seem that identity theft is a growing concern in the north of America whilst, conversely, it is in decline to the south.

The top 10 cities for identity theft, in order of likelihood, are as follows –

  1. Springfield, IL
  2. Bozeman, MT
  3. Missoula, MT
  4. Whitefish, MT
  5. Lolo, MT
  6. Bismarck, ND
  7. Hamilton, MT
  8. Big Fork, MT
  9. Grand Forks, ND
  10. Fargo, ND
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  1. how bout Dallas, Texas. know of a psychic who stole a wallet from a mark of hers and she now has some unbelievable expensive shopping habits. I would like to know where Dallas, Tx rates in these crooks books?!? I’m personally, with some others, trying to expose this crook and turn her in but we still need more proof. We know she is using three names right now and that has to be illegal???

  2. David A Camp says:

    I am a professor that lives near Springfield IL. If this is true I would like the location of that evidence. I am not disputing it, but before I take anything into the classroom I need a source.


  3. I’m so glad I do not live in any of those locations.

  4. I’ve not seen any research on that Carol but I’ll try and find out…

  5. Where is id theft happening in the UK?


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