Tom “SpongeBob” Kenny Is Not Dead

Are you the sort of person who believes everything a little birdie tells you? If you are then you are probably under the illusion that Tom Kenny, the voice behind SpongeBob SquarePants, is dead. Rumours of Kenny’s demise have been doing the rounds on social media websites, especially Twitter and Facebook, for a few days now.


Such rumours often pick up a lot of steam and go viral (for example, Bill Cosby’s multiple Twitter deaths) with many people taking them at face value. Often times these hoaxes are simply incorrect stories which, incidentally, can be easily verified as untrue by checking out any of the leading news web sites that are out there.

But, as always, some people just go ahead and spread the fake news, unknowingly or otherwise:

Of course not all celebrity death hoaxes are just rubbish – some can lead unwary readers to web sites they really shouldn’t be on. If you see ‘news’ of a celebrity death on a social media site and want to know more then go to a trusted site such as the BBC. If you click on random links from unknown users then you may just end up on a phishing site or a web page that hosts malware.

You have been warned.

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