Time Travelling John Titor – A 2036 Hoax.. Or Was It?

Travel back in time to October 2000, a time when the world’s population of 6.5 billion lived with little fear of global terrorism.

Enter a forum poster, TimeTravel_0, alleging he was US army traveller from 2036, a world in which terrorism and civil war has left 3 billion dead.



TimeTravel_0, who later referred to himself as John Titor, began posting on internet forums and engaging in chat conversations about time travel, making short posts that typically centred around what would be required to make a time travelling machine.

Later he changed his name to John Titor in order to post on the Art Bell BBS forums which required registration.

He confirmed that ‘John Titor’ was a real name but never whether it was his own or not.

After a while Titor began to reveal more of himself, eventually leading to the revelation that he was a time traveller who had originally been sent back to 1975 to acquire an IBM5100 computer to enable the military to debug legacy systems still used in 2036.

Titor then revealed that he was visiting 2000 for personal reasons, visiting members of his family and collecting pictures that were lost in a civil war in the year 2015.

Titor then claimed in 2001 that he was returning to his own time. The forum posts stopped and never resumed.


During his time posting, John Titor made various predictions or, should I say, revelations as to what had already happened from the perspective of his own timeline –

  • Instances of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD or ‘mad cow‘ disease) would increase.
  • Almost half the world’s population would perish in World War Three in 2015
  • The 2004 Olympics would be the last
  • Civil war would start in America around the time of the 2004 presidential election, due to erosion of freedoms

In the case of CJD, Titor’s prediction is partially correct as CJD certainly does appear to be a growing problem in this day and age.

The Olympics claim was obviously wrong though as the 2006 Winter Olympics were successfully held.

As for the other two, well freedoms have been eroded, but no civil war has occurred in America… yet, and WWIII may or may not begin in 2015.

Skeptics make a point of highlighting a prediction that Titor didn’t make – there was never any mention of September the 11th in any of his posts.


Titor, over the period he was posting, gave information about his time machine, including parts of the operating manual and photographs.

The main components of his time machine, he said, were –

  • Three supercomputers
  • Gravity sensors
  • An X-ray based cooling and venting system
  • Four caesium clocks
  • Two magnetic housing units for the dual micro singularities
  • An electron injection manifold, used to alter the gravity and mass micro singularities

In his forum posts Titor stated that the device was originally installed in a 1967 Chevrolet Corvette and then later re-fitted into a 1987 4-wheel drive truck.

Though Titor said that UFOs were still largely unexplained in 2036, it was his belief that aliens were actually humans from further into the future, using far more advanced and accurate versions of his time travelling machine in order to return to the past for other future time missions of their own.


Whatever views you may have on the authenticity of John Titor and the possibility of time travel either now, or in the future, it certainly makes entertaining reading.

Many of Titor’s predictions seem to have failed to have come true but, as with any good hoaxer (if that is what he is), there is a fallback to help perpetuate the story – Titor claimed that the future exists in many different formats and multiple universes, thereby making it possible that ‘reality’ can be altered in one such ‘world’ whilst continuing as expected in another – talk about a great get out jail free card!

Supporters of Titor also claim that his failed prediction about the Olympics was because he was referring to the summer games and not the winter ones.

Additionally, they suggest that civil war in America since 2004 is not evident as it is in fact slowly growing in momentum and that historians will later point to that year as being the beginnings of bigger things yet to come.

Personally, I think that someone with an advanced knowledge of retro-computing and physics has had a good laugh at those he managed to fool with some very clever forum posts.

What do you think – was John Titor a time traveller from a post-nuclear 2036 or a master hoaxer?

About Lee Munson

Lee's non-technical background allows him to write about internet security in a clear way that is understandable to both IT professionals and people just like you who need simple answers to your security questions.


  1. I addressed the egocentric part of time travelers in my new book. Just because somebody managed to create a time machine, that doesn’t mean they’re going to have much success in what they do. It’s highly likely that, though they may mean well, they’re going to make a mess of things. If our military covert ops suspected for even one second that such technology was coming and going, what do you think they’d do to get their hands on it? What if another government suspected it, and thought they could get their hands on it, even on our soil? They’d do damn near anything to get their hands on it, that’s what. These are the kinds of things that can result in a war.

    • Lee Munson says:

      I have to say that your book looks interesting – the paradox of a hop machine going back in time and kicking events off appeals to my sci-fi mind.

      As for your comment, the military would do ANYTHING they had to in order to acquire such tech in my opinion.

  2. there is something strange and unknown about this man john titor and his time device that will always bring him back and forth overlapping time branches and underlapping time branches all the time I found out about his theory and I do believe you can break the line and underlap and overlap the space time coninuem over and over again and thats how dangerous time travel is.john titor to me has been swapping from one line of space time to the next by creating another worm hole through space itself as with the trunk of past time you can not go back into the past because its theatrically immpossible no one can do it unless they can create a few branches from the main trunk of time alike a tree itself because the main trunk is the main time frame capicitor as the branches are not., the branches are what he says are wormholes in space in order for him to come from the other space time continuem he is connected still to a trunk while the branches are lateral and created another hole throughout space via the main trunk the space time continuem is not branches at all its just a trunk and you can not go back to what events or things that have happened in the past.but the main space trunk dimension was broken towards him going into branches of other space time continuems that make no sense to our time line or has never happened at all but still connected to the one trunk of time itself.space time as a trunk is a line of time around the earth throughout space itself and the earth travels through time every day by itself but if we were to create alternate branches like alternate space dimensions connected to the one mainframe trunk and create a parrelel space time continuem like a seperate time line or space time continuem could reverse space time itself and underlap it completely.the man john titor would not of been here if the trunk of space time itself was not connected to our radius of space time but create a extra branch from the trunk of the main space time frame creates two time dimensions into one and the more time travel he uses the more dimensions and branches he creates which to me is extremely dangerous stuff .

  3. se puede cambiar la historia viajando al pasado y canbiarlo

  4. titor jhon i am going to travel at the beginning of human creation I go to paradise with Adam and Eve to go see if God lets me tell them as it was then but not if you go naked or with clothes

  5. I too am a time traveler but I moved to the decade of the 80 and 90 because it is the best time of all time then return to my time because I was bored Starting @ the 2000

  6. to travel in time that is needed is an atomic fusion machine that generates so much energy and controlled comprinida able to create black holes and time portals open so you travel in time

  7. Anonymous says:

    Weather any of it is true or a hoax I think it’s an interesting and creative story, It got people thinking that’s for sure.

  8. still need to be confrim http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/science-news/8901001/Speed-of-light-broken-again-as-scientists-test-neutrino-result.html

    once this is confrimed doesn’t matter what john said but time travel is possible.

    • Agreed – 1/60 billionth of a second doesn’t sound much but it completely rewrites the laws of physics as we know them and makes time travel a possibility rather than an impossibility.

  9. Hello all,
    I too am a time traveler of sorts. I am from the year 1982. I purchased a time machine on e-bay in the year 2000 for $900.00 and have been using it ever since. There is only one draw back to my time machine, it’s a watch, and I can only go forward in time at the same pace as everyone else. Honestly though, think about it, if time travel was possible, even a thousand years in the future, we would know about it now. Because some time traveler would have come back and done an in depth interview, none of this cryptic blogging, random chatroom b.s. Unless of coarse they had some alteriar self centered probably government agenda. And Lee, brilliant, I would warn myself about my baby’s mom and wife. Ha.

    • “..Because some time traveler would have come back and done an in depth interview..”

      Unless they are up to no good in which case they wouldn’t want ANYONE to know what they were doing!

      • “..Because some time traveler would have come back and done an in depth interview..”

        if he did an interview and exposed himself with everything he knows… he would be changing his own future.. and the future of others… he could be tampering with his own existence in the future.

        maybe there are people who travel from the future but be quite about it…

        • Good point, but then again, do you not think humans are too egocentrical to keep such an astounding secret to themselves?

          • No, i think people should be able to keep quite about themselves being time travelers if their life is on the line. They have to be super careful not to erase their selves and possibly others. A small change in our timeline will present a butterfly effect

          • True I agree with Leo…

          • and yes you got a point there as well Lee, but maybe by the year 2038 they would have realized what mistakes they make by altering their time line. besides who would believe anyone who claims to be from the future ? as it is we are finding it hard to believe Titor 🙂

          • @ 2G, actually its quite easy for more than 90% of the world to believe in a timetravler on 1 condition. If he/she predicts more than 2 or 3 occurances in the future accurately. That however will be impossible or unachievable because once the person makes the predictions of the future, it “WILL” change the timeline and possibly change the prediction thus the prediction goes wrong. That being said, we can only assume that John Titor is a hoax without any solid evidence.

          • yes partially agreeable… which is why some of Titor’s predictions were correct and some were not. I dont think people will try to change something just because someone comes and tells them this is whats gona happen.
            I kinda of believe in time travel as of Nikola Tesla’s Philadelphia experiment which he sends a Navel ship through time and back but unfortunately it didnt seem to work out right. and I think I also noted it somewhere that Titor’s time was using the same principles of Tesla’s time travel concept.

            secondly, Otis T Carr seems to have built a working time machine which was also called a UFO. which I think explains our UFO sightings on and of which I believe personally.

          • You can really screw anything up and there are no Paradoxes. John was clear about that. It matches stuff I have heard from other sources also.

            You don’t really travel in time in the same universe you travel to other parallel universes and there are infinite parallel universes with ever possibility imaginable. So you really can screw anything up as you actually move to a new universe that has the change you made and the one you left is not effected.

            The part people don’t get is we do this all of the time already moving from one parallel reality to the next, just like looking at a film is looking at one frame after the next. We just don’t go back in time or have not learned how to do it yet without machines.

          • How sure are you that we move from parrallel lines to another all the time? Im inclined to disagree with this point because I believe only something major invention like a time hopper or time travel machine could really mess up time lines.

          • I don’t really get that point either. I’m open minded on time travel but to suggest we all currently move between parallel universes is stretching it a bit imo.

  10. Sherrie says:

    I’m sorry to disappoint, but unfortunately John Ritor is nothing more than a man with a very strong vivid imagination who has strong insights. Each one of us are also capable in predicting the future through common sense and life experience. Eventually and sadly, there will be a nuclear breakout resulting with many casualties although after the 30 year aftermath calamity cleanup, the future will soon begin it’s journey in advanced technology, modern skyscraper homes and building enthusiasts, both land and air mobile reengineering, and long over-due planetary world peace ….

  11. I believe john titor to be a real time traveler. its because of two things, one the manual that was pictured looks really good military type manual. You have to have served in one of them to get the jest of the type of thinking and it reflects in the pictures. 2nd thing is the prediction of the CERN mini black holes, and the creation of a black hole that remains after energy is lost. it stabilizes after losing excess energy during the creation of the event horizon. 3rd thing is the revelation of a ‘dual black hole’ that means that the black hole has two event horizons a positive and negative polarity that magnetism would indeed capture and stabilize it. 4th any hoaxers would enjoy exposing the fact that everybody has been had. and that really hasn’t happened.

    • *Insert fake name says:

      Your first point can be dealt with by using photoshop, some of my friends are professional artists who use photoshop and could easily re-create an image of that calibre. Im not too sure about the mini black hole prediction. And the rest was theory to support the black holes but that wouldnt really matter because if you made a black hole it would have to be really really small, the size of a large atom to not have any impact on the experimental lab and i wouldn’t think even with the best microscopes you would be able to see an atom. You would however see the effects but i doubt the mini black hole has been made.

  12. well, I’m a time traveler myself,
    but I came from the PAST!
    early 70’s to be precise.

    I’m exploring the “future”

    I did enjoy early 90’s by the way

    now I’m moving to 2010 soon.

  13. ShinnSohai says:

    But Since the predict has fail?
    Olympic on 2008 Had Successfully Done.
    You Guys Still Believe That?

    John Titor-Time Traveller_0?

    • *Insert fake name says:

      He did say that the future had a possibility of changing. I dont really believe John Titor people WANT to believe in him because it would be rather thrilling.

  14. Smart Alec Titor says:

    I was under the umpression that Jonny Titor was a white dude from 2036. But I did read the original threads from 2001 and must say that the color of his skin didn’t come up.
    Regardless of skin color, it appears to be an elaborate scam created to market products.
    As to the morons who believe that time travel back in time is not possible,they must be the same relatives of the people who believed the earth was the center of the universe and also flat.

    • Not that colour makes any difference but that commentator was, I believe, just on a wind up and isn’t the ‘real’ John Titor.

      As for time travel, it’s theoretically possible but do you believe that technology and understanding will ever be sufficient for it to become reality?

      • Technology and understanding could reach to the point where we could time travel but it is extremely deadly simply because a little change in the past could account the death of many and re-birth of many. It shouldnt be practiced even if it does become reality because small actions could leave large impacts. Perhaps after a few million years time travelling would be avaliable

  15. Sonicblade7 says:

    LOl I wounder if his time machine was also fitted to a DeLorean. and also keft fire trails when it Time Travels

  16. So, how is life going in 2008? I am Titor, John Titor a Time Traveller who has travelled 30 years behind to see you people. I already made a time travel to 2000. Those guys were not equipped enough to ask me questions. But now you people have matured with technology. I appreciate you all. Reasons you and your people have not believed my 2000 visit was Olympics did not stop, civil war did not begin. Huh, is that all? Those thing s are gonna happen, actually one of my 2036 colleague time travelled and made things right to postpone the civil war and the olympics stoppage. Anyhow buddies, I am not God or a trained physicist. I am just John Titor, one forward of your wordline. Any comments appreciated.

    • Ok, I’m willing to play along 🙂

      If you really are a time traveller then please tell me which numbers I need to pick in order to win the lottery next week? 😀

      • I have promised my mother during a tearful farewell from my 2036 that I will not answer this type of questions. She is my love you see, I travelled all the time to fetch my family photos to 2000. I love her very much. So, I cant say the numbers of lottery. Anyhow, I can give you a clue. Make sure that I not a God or physicist or even a Gambler. Try from 0 to 99 and you win. I have it in our history that you are gonna make history. You will win. May be you want that Almanac? I will sure get it during my next visit by 2009. Any interesting questions please?

      • loooooL Scam good one oh yeah Titor if ur sooo true tell us wat will happen in 2012 u mustv heard about mayen calender and all that hoax

  17. Hello there,

    John Titor here.

    I am back. I am now on a mission to take Apple iMAC from 2008. We have a problem in Imacs functioning by the year 2036.

    I will be here for another 4 months, 27 days, 3 hours, 45 seconds. Should you contact me, you can through one of my representative Jagadish at jagadishsr@gmail.com.

    • Oh please.. that’s an interesting twist to all this. Scam, are you checking things out here? Seems like a hoax to me.

      • Hey Pinky,

        Hoax? we actually deleted the word ‘Hoax’ in 2038. It has been replaced with “Joxe’ by the Constitution of New words association of America. You can check this out in your 2038. I can answer almost all of your questions. Sep 11 incident was known to me. But revealing it would have stopped my return back to 2038 by 2000. So, I kept my mouth shut. Anyhow there are lot of interesting incidents to happen over time. Why know that before it happens? See it and experience it on your own will.

      • I’m watching with interest…. 🙂

    • Huh?! John Titor? I thought u went back to the future. I hope ur not influenced by back to the future movie hehehe. Anyways, John Titor if your soo really wanna tell me what I’ll be doing on December 2009 if it comes true i’ll definitly believe ya

    • John do the humanity and ur fellow human beings a favour go back to 2012, December 21 see the changes that happen and come back will really appreaciate that. I’m vey interested for real if u give like a huge prediction and comes true i’ll believe cause as far as I know u never came back u left in 2001 and nothing has come true from what u said before.

  18. Actually the 2008 olympics occured without accident.
    And Civil war has happened in america…..but that was like 140 years ago

  19. I’m not sure, I think it might be.

    What do you think of the new theme?

    • I like it better than the previous one. It is easier to find articles with the categories placed on top. But a site map is a must so pls work on that soon.

      • I had to remove it because it was causing a problem when people left comments. It’s the #1 priority today though 🙂

      • I have an alternative now that will do until I find a better plugin – it now lists the 99 most commented upon posts.

  20. Firefox

  21. I can see “no image” icon beside the video.The video plays.No prob with that.

  22. Can you del the no image tag beside the videos?

  23. Great! It will be only related to scams?

  24. I am yet to look into the videos section…my net is slow

  25. Is this even a serious question?

  26. Hi! Wow I like this newspaper look. COOL!!!!

  27. If John Titor was real he should have spoken to world leaders and told them how to prevent the war shouldnt he?

  28. Eureka! Scammy! I got my avatar here.

  29. Tcheky Karyo played the role he is a French actor

    • I’ve never heard of him either!!

      On a side note, I have received an email hoax or two about Nostradamus’ predictions.. I’ll have to see if I have saved any of them..

  30. Nostradamus 1994 movie
    I particularly like the prediction he makes as to which colour pig will be served for dinner.

    • All pigs are pink so what was so interesting about that prediction? 😕

      • don’t be a racist Scam! Just kidding. 😀 😀 Black pigs do exist.i don’t want to spoil it for you that is if u want to watch the film

        • I’ve never heard of the film so I might have to search around to find it. It certainly sounds like something I might enjoy though.

  31. i loved the movie nostradamus

  32. His prediction about skyscrapers, aircrafts, in his time, hitler are very interesting so is his biography

  33. As far predictions are concerned I don’t think anyone can equal Nostradamus and his fame. Time travel is scifi

    • Nostradamus didn’t get much right though did he Aruna?

      The time markings in the great pyramid in Egypt are another matter though…

  34. I have no idea if time travel is possible but it is a concept that fascinates me. I watch everything I can find on the subject from films like Timecop to documentaries. If we can bend time just think what we could go back and do!

  35. I’ve made a living and successful television career out of time travel 😛

  36. I’d love to believe that time travel was possible as it would allow us to go back and right so many wrongs. In terms of physics though it just isn’t possible is it?

    • There are some physicians who would argue it is possible. I’m no expert but I believe Einstein’s theory of relativity and gravity does allow for it doesn’t it?

  37. This is definitely a hoax. If time travel was possible surely people would come back for far more interesting things than an ancient computer and a few photos.

    • If you could go back in time what would you do then Col?

      • That’s easy, I would bet everything I had on a horse or the lottery safe in the knowledge I was going to win.

        Then, when I became a billionaire, I’d marry Paris Hilton.

        • I really don’t know why men rate Paris Hilton 😕 I think she’s ugly.

        • I still haven’t decided if it is a hoax or not, but in view of your question.
          John Titor, a soldier, was on an “official” mission to retrive, amongst other things, the IBM C5100 (first prototype of a portable pc) to use its ability to read post-dated and in-use machine language (the “language” used to program and use computers). The reason he gave was that most of the out of date information went lost in time and, especcially, because of the war.
          In addition to that he “openly” talked about this feature of the IBM computer, being the first person to do so, since it was a secret only the team of 12 computer scientist that built it knew. It was confirmed only in 2004 that that feature was true and was to be kept secret to prevent industrial espionage. (This could have also reduced the probability of Titor’s true identity to 12 people…never confirmed)
          As far as the photos and books, he states that they were needed to replace what went lost in the future. If we had misplaced the Magna Charta (the first constitution in the world that gave “rights” to people) and never knew the contents, I believe someone (governments and constituional scholars especcially) would try to retrieve the contents, if given the opportunity to do so. (They wouldn’t steal our Magna Charta because it would only anticipate their problems)

          I would like to know (in regards to this story)
          -the so-called parents who turned in the video in Nebraska…who are they? did they have a child in the year 1998? where is the video of Titor’s departure today?
          -could Titor have been one of the IBM computer scientist that worked on that particular model or someone who had access to that type of information?

          (sorry for seeming such a nerd, but I never was in these types of things until I read about his explanations on the black holes and knowing people who are working on something similar at the CERN lab in Switzerland)


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    Time Travelling John Titor – A 2036 Hoax.. Or Was It?…

    John Titor claimed to be a time traveller from 2036, an age in which a third, and deadly, nuclear world war had killed almost half the world’s population. Was he here to help, or was it all an elaborate hoax?

    Titor revealed that he was visiting 2000 …

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