This Little Piggie Went To Chrome

One of the most popular free games on the app stores right now is Bad Piggies from Rovio, the guys behind the ever popular Angry Birds franchise.

If you want to play it then make sure you download it from an official app store and/or check the permissions though as some 80,000 potential fans may have fallen for a fake version.


If you’ve downloaded Bad Piggies as a Chrome extension then you could be one of the many people who have been duped –

“First, this Angry Birds Bad Piggies game is not authentic: it is a pigs-shoot-birds game.

Second, and much worse, once the game installs a plug-in that displays additional advertisements in some popular websites. for example…”
Barracuda Networks

According to Barracuda’s report, once you have allowed this version permission to ‘access your data on all websites’ the plug-in can then be used for nefarious purposes such as stealing online credit card information and email addresses.

Barracuda Network’s post ends with the following sound advice for fans of pigs and other games alike –

“A suggestion to Chrome users; whenever trying to install a plugin inside the Chrome web store, consider the requested permissions with a critical eye toward the intent of the plugin. If the plugin requests any permission that does not seem reasonable, do not install it. If you have already installed, uninstall them immediately and change your passwords on other websites if possible.”

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