Theoretical Attacks Become Reality As Computer Speeds Increase

As everybody is aware, computers have spent the last thirty years becoming faster and faster.

The simple computers that we have sitting in our living rooms would have taken up an entire room in an office building thirty years ago, maybe even an entire floor.

This is what it took back then to have the power of a computer that we have now and take for granted.

faster computers lead to more attacks

The first space shuttle was launched to the moon on less power than kids play with on their handheld Nintendo DS devices.

Unfortunately, along with the new speed and power of the computers that we use comes an inherit risk as well.

There are certain doomsday scenarios that we thought were impossible in the past because the average power of our home computer was not yet to that level but every year computers become stronger and they are able to do more damage.

New Computer Attacks

Now we are starting to see attacks that we thought we would never see.

It is not only the increase in the raw power of computers that has led to these new attacks – it is also the level of sophistication of the new computers as well.

With the advances of parallelism and threads on the computer attacks are able to break larger amounts of encryption codes than they were ever able to before.

You used to be able to relax when you put any type of encryption on a file, knowing that an attacker would not be able to crack it, that it would take an army of computers to bypass the security of the encryption.

Now, however, the power of modern computers and the advances in parallelism mean that attacks that would have taken years to complete now only take days.

This is why you should not take for granted that the security that you have on your projects will always work.

Every couple of years you should upgrade your security to the latest techniques.

Sure, there is some security that has not been broken, even though the computers have become more advanced but is only a matter of time.

The attacks will only get better, not worse.

Quantum Security

Remember, we are already seeing that there are some quantum operations being done on computers.

This is something that is supposed to be one of the things that is supposed to take time on a computer.

Now some experts are talking about the use of quantum security as being a standard in the next ten years because the power of computes will have grown exponentially by then.

If you are not convinced by the growing powers of computers and your security being at risk, just take a look at your cell phone – not more than six years ago a smart phone would be a rare commodity and something that had nowhere near the power of a computer but in this day and age there are many people who use their smart phone as a replacement for their computers.

Attacks that are considered hard now will only get easier in the future.

Make sure that you keep up with the latest security to help prevent you from becoming a victim of progress.

About Lee Munson

Lee's non-technical background allows him to write about internet security in a clear way that is understandable to both IT professionals and people just like you who need simple answers to your security questions.


  1. Deep article, pretty intense thoughts there. Of course, continually we deal with the basics of password security – and how do we get people to use more complex passwords? Not to mention a different password on different websites… I had heard it takes 2 hours to crack an 8 character password that is all lower case. I suspect this time will be reduced with more powerful machines.

    • I’m surprised that it takes as long as 2 hours to crack an 8 character password to be honest and, likewise, I’m fairly certain that timescale will lessen dramatically in time.


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