The Windows 8 Team And Security

With the last iteration of Windows, known as Windows 7, you saw a greater emphasis on both the design and the security of the operating system. For years Microsoft had been plagued with complaints about the quality of their machines and also the security. With Vista they finally decided to do something but with Windows 7 they took it to the next level. Now, with Windows 8 on the horizon, are they still on the path of worrying about security or are they willing to rest on their laurels and let the competition catch up again?

The Windows 8 team and security

There are a lot of new tools being offered with Windows 8 when it comes to security. It really seems like the Windows 8 team is taking it very seriously indeed. There is a lot of new security software that is going to be bundled with the new Windows 8 platform {it seems Microsoft Security Essentials may be integrated into the operating system which may, or may not, be a good idea). Also there are going to be a lot of new tools that will allow you to do deeper analyzing of the system. There are even some rumors of a kernel analyzer being available and baked into the new Windows 8 system.

But you can truly see their commitment to security when you see the new app store that they are going to be including in the new Windows 8. No longer will all Windows programs be allowed to roam free. There is going to be a new app store where all of the Windows applications sold in it will be sandboxed. That means the programs will not have access to dangerous API’s that might harm your system. Yeah this means that they will be less powerful but also less of a problem. Developers can still develop the old style app but they cannot be sold in the app store.

So, yes, the Windows 8 team is really worried about security once again. And we are starting to see the results.

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