The Wig Scam – Carol Silva

The wig scam is actually about one Carol Silva, a 55 year old woman, who has just pleaded guilty to bank fraud and aggravated identity theft. Between March and july of last year Silva, from Massachusetts, stole $30000 or more using stolen bank cards, credit cards, driving licences and social security numbers.

When she is sentenced on August the 29th Silva is looking at receiving a prison sentence of  up to 32 years.

It is claimed that Silva was part of a much larger, organised gang, who would steal purses and other belongings whilst travelling on the local metro system or browsing in supermarkets. Identification would be taken from the victim’s belongings at which point Silva would either change the photo or don a wig to look the part.

Whilst unproven at this time, authorities believe there may have been more than one woman using the wig disguises in order to scam the banks and withdraw their vistim’s cash.

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