The Washington Post Hacked, Chinese Blamed Again

Just a few days after The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal disclosed that they had been hacked and another US mainstay, The Washington Post, has reported that they too suffered the same fate, albeit dating back to 2011.


The Washington Post disclosed yesterday that they too had suffered a cyber attack and that they suspect the culprits were again Chinese hackers:

“A sophisticated cyberattack targeted The Washington Post in an operation that resembled intrusions against other major American news organizations and that company officials suspect was the work of Chinese hackers, people familiar with the incident said.”
The Washington Post

In the front page story the publication went on to say that they detected the attack back in 2011 but would not pass comment on the nature or duration of the online attack.

Whether or not this, and the recent attack on Twitter in which some quarter of a million accounts may have been compromised, is the work of the Chinese government or not is debatable but I guess in some ways it is refreshing not to hear Anonymous being linked with everything and anything going online.

That said, China does appear to be the likely culprit but their motives seem unclear to me at least. Typically the country has been interested in gathering information but also in managing their image. Considering all the bad press these stories generate I wonder just how successful they are at that, given that I’m sure many of their citizens are more than capable of accessing worldwide information despite the famous Great Firewall of China.

photo: Ron Cogswell

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