The Vulnerabilities Of Microsoft Office

As we all know, black hat hackers have to be able to go after a large amount of people for their attacks to be able to work. Sometimes black hat hackers will go after a specific subset of users but only when the stakes are very high. But in general, the larger the fan base of the product, the more that black hat hackers are going to go after it.

Microsoft Office

One of the most popular software tools of all time is the Microsoft Office Suite. If you do not know what it is, which is highly unlikely, it is the set of Microsoft Tools that allow you to publish different items. For example, if you have Microsoft Word, which is a document editor, you are able to edit documents. Then you might have Microsoft Excel which is a program that allows you to create spreadsheets. And you might also have PowerPoint included in this group. PowerPoint is an application that allows you to create interesting presentations. It is usually used in a work office or at school. There are more programs that come with the Office Suite but these are the most popular ones and the ones that you might have been exposed to already. Because of the popularity of these programs, they tend to become the target of hackers quite frequently.

Black hat hackers are able to use these tools to their advantage in several ways. First of all, and probably the most obvious, you are able to hide malware in the form of Office files. Once you do this you are able to fool people into clicking these items and causing their computers to become corrupt with the files. We see this type of thing happen all of the time. You are able to easily change the file extension of a program. And changing the file extension to an Office product is very effective because people trust these types of files.

Another way that black hat hackers are able to use these tools to infect computers is because of their scripting abilities. Microsoft wanted to give people an easy way to automate their task while using these tools. They did this by creating a scripting environment. That same scripting environment can be used to cause damage as well.

So as you can see, Microsoft Office is a great tool but there are some dangers to it as well. Just like with any other program you have to be careful when you are using it.

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