The Usos, John Cena And John Morrison Have Twitter Accounts Hacked

The latest spate of celebrity Twitter hacks seems to centre around the popular world of wrestling. Three current stars – The Usos, John Cena and John Morrison all appear to have had their accounts compromised and unwanted messages posted / DMs sent over the weekend.


The Usos wrote yesterday:

Also from yesterday, John Cena tweeted the following:

and, finally, this from John Morrison:

I’m not sure what exactly got posted on John Cena’s account but it looks like the other two may have had links to pills published without their knowledge. Also, it appears that whoever hacked John Morrison’s account was also sending out some sort of Direct Message spam.

And the message from this news? Simple Рif celebrity users of Twitter and other social networks can be hacked (quite easily it would seem) then so can you. Always remember to choose a separate password for every account you use and ensure that password is complex and hard to guess. Obviously, never write that password down or share it with anybody either. And if your password is compromised, deal with the situation immediately.

photo: interbeat

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