The Use Of Command Line Will Help You Protect Your Server

Building and maintaining a website can be a quite the technical affair. That is why a lot of people use pre hosted services like Tumblr and That way they do not have to worry about the technical side of having a website while still at the same time being able to put their message out to the public. But when you have a website hosted on a service like this you do not get to control the message. You have the leisure to post what they allow you and nothing more. Or you do not have the leisure to scale. If your website needs to get bigger you cannot do it on services like these. That is unless you pay a lot of money to do so. So when a person starts to get a website of a certain size then they start to look at hosting on their own server.


Now there are several ways that you can go about this but for most people there are only two ways to go. Some people use what is known as a managed solution. That means they rent server space be it a big or small space, and they have the company where they are renting it from run it for them. It is the more expensive option but it also allows you to save yourself from a lot of headaches that you can encounter when hosting your own website. But a lot of people these days are choosing a different route. They are going with the ability to be able to manage the website themselves. This is the cheaper option out of the two. And it is becoming more popular because of the fact that we now have Virtual Private Servers otherwise known as VPS. A VPS allows you to set up your own server environment and if anything happens you can just erase that instance and start over again very easily.

But when you choose this option you have to remember that you must treat it like a normal server. Too many people get this option and they treat it like a managed host option. They forget that they are in charge of everything on the server. And this everything includes the security of your VPS instance as well. If you are not handling that then it means that you are giving the bad guys a great option to run in your server and control everything.

Most of the times when you are going to be running a server such as this you are going to be using some sort of variation of Linux. While there are a lot of Windows based VPS providers out there most of them are more expensive than the Linux options. So because of that reason more people end up choosing Linux over Windows when it comes to server hosting. And the flavor of Linux that people end up choosing the most is one that is called Ubuntu.

When you are running Linux the best thing that you can do to keep it secure is to get used to the Linux way of doing things. If you try to treat Linux like you are using Windows then you are going to have a much harder time. And the one thing that you can do to prepare for using Linux is to get used to using the command line. That is the way it is done in the Linux world and it will help you get everything set up a lot easier. If you want to keep your server secure the learning the command line is the way to go.

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