The Use Of Charities To Run Scams On The Internet

charity scams on the internet

One of the things about the holidays is the good feeling that people seem to display that is not there during the rest of the year.

A lot of this goodwill gets displayed in the form of giving to charities.


It helps a person feel good about themselves.

They feel like they are helping someone else in need.

That feeling is unrivaled to anything else in the world.

This mood can be spoiled very quickly when they find out that their good deed went punished.

This happens a lot on the Internet in the form of a scam.

The bad guys of the Internet never take a day off, even during the holidays.

It is up to you to make sure that you keep yourself on guard during the holiday season.

There are several ways that an attacker will try to take advantage of your goodness this holiday.

The number one way that this will happen is through a charity email that will be sent out to hundreds of thousands of people.

This email will be a legit email but from a fake organization.

They will try to sell you a sob story on how needy their cause is and how it is up to you to help them.

They may even try to do a hard sell by sending information to your house about the charity in question.

Do not fall for it.

You have the Internet, be smart and use it.

Do some research on the charity.

This will let you know very quickly if the charity is a legitimate organization.

If they have a negative rating or no record of the charity at all then you know that they are a fake organization.

Another way that people will use a charity against an unsuspecting victim is to send you a tainted email.

This email will try to pull at your heart strings so that you will visit the site in question.

This site will be loaded with malware that will be used to infect your computer.

Once again this can be avoided by doing some research on the charity in question before you visit any suspicious links.

If you do click on the link, then having the latest in anti virus software protection will help to large extent from having your computer become infected.

You must be careful during this holiday season.

People have bad intentions 365 days of the year.

Just because it is the holidays, do not let down your guard while you surf the Internet.

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