The Unavailable Cell Phone Virus Hoax

Have you got bored of cooking popcorn on your cell phone yet?


If no, then hurry up as your cell phone may be about to get a nasty virus…

The hoax email below is actually quite an old one, back from the turn of the millennium, but it just keeps on circulating –


Dear all mobile phone’s owners,



All mobile phone in DIGITAL system can be infected by this virus. If you receive a phone call and your phone display “UNAVAILABLE” on the screen (for most of digital mobile phones with a function to display in-coming call telephone number), DON’T ANSWER THE CALL. END THE CALL IMMEDIATELY!!! BECAUSE IF YOU ANSWER THE CALL, YOUR PHONE WILL BE INFECTED BY THIS VIRUS.

This virus will erase all IMIE and IMSI information from both your phone and your SIM card which will make your phone unable to connect with the telephone network. You will have to buy a new phone.

This information has been confirmed by both Motorola and Nokia. For more information, please visit Motorola or Nokia web sites: or There are over 3 million mobile phone being infected by this virus in USA now. You can also check this news in CNN web site:

Please forward this information to all your friends who have digital mobile phones.

Of course there’s no truth to anything said in that email so don’t panic next time you get a call from an unknown number.

Just remember that you have about as much chance of getting a cell phone virus as you have of getting a free laptop from a cell phone company!

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  1. Thanks for clarifying as there really are phone scams out there and I wasnt sure whether this was true or not.

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