The Two-Faced Kitten Hoax

An email claims that a kitten was born with two faces.

Is it true?


Subject: Two-faced kitten

Cool! Two headed kitten

This two-faced kitten was born in Perth, Western Australia…


This adorable two-faced kitten really was born in Australia.

Unbelievably, such occurrences are not as rare as you may think.

What is amazing, however, is that the kitten appears to be completely healthy.

It may only be able to eat through one of it’s mouths but that is still quite an achievement – most kittens born with this disorder are unable to eat at all and die within just a day or two.

This little guy though is able to eat, drink, purr and meow, just like any other kitten.

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  1. 2 faces may not be some ppls idea of perfect but I think he is adorable.


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