The Twitterverse Guide To The Confiker Threat

Twitter on Conficker

So, here it is, April the 1st a.k.a. April Fool’s Day.

To many this represents a good opportunity to write hoax stories in order to catch out the unsuspecting folks who read them.

For others, it is the day they have been dreading.

That is because it has been said that the Confiker / Downadup virus is set to run rampant today, though I have yet to hear of anyone mentioning any specific type of attack or threat.

Twitter on Conficker

Twitter on Conficker

There is, however, plenty of chat about Confiker on Twitter.

Here’s the general gist of what is being said right now –

  • may be inaccessible to infected machines
  • Confiker is an April Fool joke
  • Confiker may be a hoax initiated by the security industry to enhance sales of their products
  • Several people are saying they don’t know anyone infected by Downadup
  • Linux users are immune to Confiker
  • Many people are worried that they have the worm but that it is yet to activate
  • There is some suggestion that running Windows update will offer a level of protection

So, on the whole, the huge threat posed by Downadup seems to have passed by without any real effect.

Have you been infected by the worm, or do you fear that you may yet be (please vote in the poll to the right)

Or, like the majority of people on Twitter, do you think the threat has been blown out of all proportion?

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  1. Macs are not immune to viruses – they are just targeted less Best.

  2. I’m sure Confiker has something in mind, even if it hasn’t started yet…

  3. Drop Windows and get a Mac, you’ll never get a virus like this one.

  4. It seems that Conficker has been a hoax as nothing of note has happened yet.

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